The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

The Big One!

Names Index

The Names Index is in 2 parts:

Family Names
Other Names

Family Names

Bower Families
(Bower/Jones & Hayes/Gardner and Brecht/Walland/Whorland & Saunders/Seabourn(e)/Saban

Amears/Amore (Robinson)
Bates (Pitts)
Bower (Main Name)
Bradbrook (Hayes)
Brecht (Main Name)
Cook/?Cock (Jones)
Counter (Jones)
Gardner (Main Name)
Hayes (Main Names)
Holbrook (Seabourn(e)/Saban)
Howard (Seabourn(e)/Saban)
Hunt (Piper)
Hutley (Walland/Whorland)
Jahns (Brecht)
Jones (Main Name)
Juliane (Brecht)
Mason (Hayes)
Mills (Robinson)
Neville (Saunders)
Odell (Walland/Whorland)
Pinnion (Bower/Pitts)
Piper (Brecht)
Pitts (Bower)
Reynolds (Walland/Whorland
Robinson (Bradbrook)
Saunders (Main Name)
Seabourn(e)/Saban (Main Name)
Siggins (Walland/Whorland)
Smithers (Pinion)
Somes (Brecht)
Spence (Jones)
Tunstell/Tunstill (Gardner)
Venice (Robinson)
Walland/Worland (Main Name)
Wyat (Robinson)

Collier Families
(Collier/Gardiner & Peryer/Perrier/Smith and Hunt/Farrow & Marjoram/Ransom(e))

Adams (Collier)
Aldous/Aldis or Alhous/Ollis (Ransome(e))
Allen (Ransome(e))
Collier (Main Name)
Farrow/Pharoah (Main Name)
Gardiner (Main Name)
Goodchild (Gardiner)
Hunt (Main Name)
Marjoram (Main Name)
Mason (Collier)
Mitchell (Peryer/Perrier)
More (Aldous/Aldis or Alhous/Ollis)
Nye (Smith)
Ollis/Alhous or Aldous/Aldis (Ransome(e))
Peryer/Perrier (Main Name)
Ransom(e)(Main Name)
Ridett (Adams)
Rookyard (Marjoram)
Sheldrake (Hunt)
Shepherd (Farrow)
Sly (Nye)
Smith (Main Name)
Smith (Farrow)
Snelling (Peryer/Perrier)
Spall (Hunt)
Trigg (Peryer/Perrier)

Other Names

The following additional names were identified in compiling the Reports for the Bradbrook, Gardner, Gardiner, Hayes, Jones, Peryer/Perrier, Piper, Pitts, Ransome(e), Robinson and Smith names:

Ablett (see Ransome)
Alderslade (see Robinson):
Ansell (see Peryer/Perrier)
Apps (see Robinson)
Ault (see Gardner)
Baigent (see Peryer/Perrier)
Baines (see Smith)
Batchelor (see Peryer/Perrier)
Bateman (see Pitts)
(?) Beitchford (see Jones)
Blake (see Jones)
Blakey (see Pitts)
Block (see Jones)
Bocking (see Peryer/Perrier)
Brown (see Robinson)
Browse (see Ransome)
Bruch (see Peryer/Perrier)
Burckot (see Peryer/Perrier)
Burrell or Burrett (see Gardner)
Burton (see Jones)
Case (see Peryer/Perrier)
Chambers (see Pitts)
Churchfield (see Ransome)
Cobden (see Robinson)
Colethorpe (see Ransome
Collins (see Robinson)
Colvin (see Piper)
Connor (see Pitts)
Cooper (see Bradbrook& Hayes)
Crouch (see Pitts)
Curtis (see Gardiner)
Dale (see Pitts)
Davis (see Jones)
Dunmore (see Gardner)
Durbin (see Gardiner)
Etherington (see Peryer/Perrier)
Everett (see Smith)
Farmer (see Gardner)
Farmer (see Peryer/Perrier)
Frekert (see Peryer/Perrier)
Gale (see Piper)
Gardner (see Peryer/Perrier)
Garnham (see Ransome)
Garrard (see Ransome
Gigney (see Peryer/Perrier)
Gill (see Bradbrook)
George (see Jones)
Goldsmith (see Ramsome)
Goodman (see Jones)
Gravat (see Peryer/Perrier)
Hall (see Piper)
Hennenn (see Jones)
Hersey (see Smith)
Hiller (see Peryer/Perrier)
Hughes (see Gardiner)
Jackson (see Gardiner)
Jerrad or Jerrard (see Peryer/Perrier)
Jobert or Jabert (see Peryer/Perrier)
Johnson (see Gardiner)
Kendrick (see Piper)
Knox (see Gardiner)
King (see Piper)
Lawrence (see Pitts)
Manning (see Bradbrook)
Mant (see Robinson)
Marston (see Pitts)
Martin (see Gardner)
Mason (see Pitts)
Meadowcroft (see Piper)
Meehan (see Piper)
Mensforth (see Pitts)
Michael or Mitchell (see Peryer/Perrier)
Millard (see Robinson)
Mitchener (see Peryer/Perrier)
Moore (see Peryer/Perrier)
Morris (see Peryer/Perrier)
Nash (see Smith)
Norman (see Peryer/Perrier)
Page (see Piper)
Pearce (see Jones)
Philpott (see Peryer/Perrier)
Pick (see Peryer/Perrier)
Pike (see Peryer/Perrier)
Plume (see Pitts)
Pullin (see Peryer/Perrier)
Purser (see Pitts)
Ridgeway (see Hayes)
Rogers (see Gardner)
Rogers (see Peryer/Perrier)
Rose (see Peryer/Perrier)
Sanders (see Collier)
Saunders (Robinson)
Selmers (see Peryer/Perrier)
Skinner (see Pitts)
Skipper (see Ransome)
Smith (see Pitts & Hayes)
Somers (see Robinson)
Spooner (see Peryer/Perrier)
Standen (see Robinson)
Stedman (see Peryer/Perrier)
Stemp (see Peryer/Perrier)
Stone (see Peryer/Perrier)
Stratford (see Peryer/Perrier)
Strudwick (see Peryer/Perrier)
Taylor (see Robinson)
Tickner (see Peryer/Perrier)
Tidy (see Peryer/Perrier)
Trebble (see Ransome)
Walkerley (see Ransome)
Warner (see Ransome)
Warren (see Smith)
Waterman (see Piper)
Wilmore (see Gardiner and Gardner)
Woodyer (see Peryer/Perrier)
Worsford (see Peryer/Perrier)

Colin Bower
7 January 2021

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