The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Silk Weavers named Collier

Hard Times

Some Silk Weavers in London experienced hard times:

See article in Cockney Ancestor - Decline of Silk Trade (Summer 1983)

Decline of Silk Trade

Silk Weavers named Collier

Some entries show that the Colliers suffered hardship particularly:

William Collier who married Elizabeth Beech and their 2 children:
Joseph Collier who married Elizabeth Matthews and
William Collier who married Hannah Hood

The records were not easy to read being in writing and abbreviations used

Selected Poor Law Removal and Settlement Records 11 Nov 1847

Joseph Collier 17 Virginia Row aged 30 Weaver
Never out of this Parish
(Father William Collier 14 Virginia Row to be examined)
Married at Stepney 8.3.1839 to Elizabeth Matthews - see Note below
Aged 30 & hath 2 children viz. Joseph 7 yrs & James 18 months

William Collier aged 57 Weaver
Married at Stepney 13.4.1811 to Elizabeth Beech his present wife
Aged 55 8 children by her Wm 35, Elizabeth 33, Joseph 30, James 28
Caroline 24, Sarah 20, George 15 and Henry 12

On 3 ? Jan 1816 he was passed from hence to Bishopsgate

Selected Poor Law Removal& Settlement Records 1698-1930

Wednesday 17 Nov 1847

William Collier 12 Virginia Row Aged 35 Weaver
6 yrs residence last June
Married at Shoreditch on 13 Feb 1836 to Hannah Hood his present wife aged 35
c. produced & birth ? by her 4 children
Sarah 11 yrs
Charlotte Elizabeth 9
Samuel 2 yrs
Wm James 1 yr

A note had been added:

Joseph born on 30.5.1848
Writing diificult to read:
mother Elizabeth Collier reside in same house...........................


Selected Poor Law Removal& Settlement Records 1698-1930

Order of Removal

Wednesday Dec 16 1857

Joseph Collier 39 Wife Elizabeth 39
Children: Joseph 17 James 12 Eliza 7
Henry 4 Alfred 2
No 29 Mount, St. Francis Mount
He a Weaver Examined never certificate
was born in Thomas St, Brick Lane
Married at St Mary's Church, Spitalfields 19 June 1848
(Certificate produced) - see Note below
- see Examination of father William 1855 - Folio 22 -
Examination 19 yrs in Bethnal Green with person
he has (?) cert and never stepped out of his pauch for that time

Bishopsgate Without

NB A note has been added in the margin:

Joseph born corner of New Nichol
James born in Kagun's (?) Row


The infomation above is curious. There are 2 different marriage dates but all the dates tie up:

Joseph Collier & Elizabeth Matthews

Marriage 18.3.1839 (certificate not held)

Poor Law Records 1847
Joseph & Elizabeth Collier 30 (born c 1816/7)
Joseph 7 yrs (born c 1839/40)
James 18 months (born c 1846/7)

Marriage 19.6.1848 (certificate held)

Poor Law Records 1857
Joseph & Elizbeth 39 (born c 1817/8)
Joseph 17 (born c 1817/8)
James 12 (born 1844/5)

Colin Bower
29 March 2019

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