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Silk Weavers named Collier

The Delves Connection

Towards the end of the 18th Century and well into the 19th Century, members of the Collier Family (Family 2) were given the middle name Delves or an approximation:

To illustrate this the following entries have been extracted from the IGI:

St Dunstan, Stepney

1. William Collier
married 5.3.1738
Satrah Dealus

St Leonards, Shoreditch

2. Sarah Debues Collier bp 26.12.1782
(Parents William & Phebe Collier)

Christ Church, Spitalfields

3. William Delves Collier
married 9.11.1795
Eleanor Evitt (see Note 1 below)

St Leonards, Shoreditch

4. Matthew Collier bp 18.9.1798
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

St Saviour, Southwark

5. Sarah Delves Collier bp 25.8.1799
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

St Leonards, Shoreditch

6. & 7. Ann & Eleanor Collier bp 29.11.1802
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

8. John Collier bp 20.9.1804
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

St Matthews, Bethnal Green

9. James Collier bp 23.2.1806
(parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

10. Thomas Collier bp 20.3.1808
(parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

11. George Collier bp 15.4.1810
(parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

12. Caroline Collier bp 9.7.1812
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

13. Jane Collier bp 14.8.1814
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

14. Henry Collier bp 14.8.1816
(Parents William Delves Collier & Eleanor)

15. Sarah Delves Collier bp 18.10.1818
(Parents William & Charlotte Collier)

16. Matthew Delvis Collier bp 3.9.1820
(Parents Matthew & Elizabeth Collier)

St Pancras Old Church

17. Henry Delves Collier bp 20.10.1839 - see Note 2
(Parents Henry & Mary Ann Collier)

18. Henry Edward Collier bp 23.3.1868 - see Note 2
(Parents Henry Delves Collier & Elizabeth)

St Thomas Charterhouse, Finsbury

16. Rhoda Collier bp 16.1.1870
(Parents Augustus Delves Collier & Matilda)


1. William Delves Collier of the White Horse in Hare Street was one of the beneficiaries of the will of William Collier who married Phoebe 3.9.1782 at St Leonards, Shoreditch.

William Delves Collier (Weaver 201) may be found in Family 2 in the Register of Silk Weavers named Collier:

Register of Silk Weavers

His brother Thomas married Mary Kemp who was of Huguenot descent.

2. In the 1881 Census, Henry Delves Collier ( (?) Boots Moulder age 21) was living at 27 Frederick Street, Pancras with his wife Elizabeth (21) born Bromley.

Colin Bower
8 January 2017

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