The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Silk Weavers named Collier

Parish Records Obtained

Christ Church, Spitalfields

William Delves Collier
married 9.11.1795
Eleanor Evitt
(Witnesses: Matthew Collier, Ann Collier)

William Kemp
married 19.02.1797
Ann Collier
(Witnesses: William Collier, John Kemp, Mary Kemp)

Thomas Collier
married 4.7.1802
Mary Kemp

Mary Sarah Collier bp 31.8.1803
(Parents: Thomas & Mary Collier)

William Collier of John Street buried 20.12.1808 (Age 68)

City of London Lying in Hospital, City Road

Thomas Collier bp 13.5.1829
(Parents Thomas Collier, Weaver of Shacklewell St, Bethnal Green & Jane)

Holywell Mount Independent, Shoreditch

Charlotte Collier born 6.5.1826, bp 16.8.1826
(Parents William Collier & Charlotte Roblean)

St Botolph, Bishopsgate

Baptisms: Abraham (26.1.1702), John (14.4.1700) and Sarah (22.6.1701)
(Parents Abraham & Anne Collier)

Abraham Collier, Weaver of St Botolph
married 8.6.1750
Elizabeth Farmer

James Collier bp 5.10.1768
(Parents Abraham & Elizabeth Collier)

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney

Baptisms: Isaac 5.4.1705
- David 15.12.1706
- Thomas 7.11.1708
- Elizabeth 15.10.1710
- William 27.11.1715
(Parents Abraham Collier Weaver of Bethnal Green & Ann)

Mary Collier bp 21.3.1714
(Parents Abraham Collier, Weaver of Spitalfields & Ann)

Mathew Collier, Weaver
married 1.12.1714
Elizabeth Chesterman

Mathew Collier bp 24.3.1716 (16 days old)
(Parents Mathew Collier, Weaver & Elizabeth)

William Collier, Weaver of Bethnal Green
married 5.3.1738
Sarah (?) Dealus

William Collier
married 13.4.1811
Elizabeth Beech
Witnesses: Samuel Beech, Jane Collier

St George in the East

Thomas Collier, Widower, Silk Weaver of 12 Little George St, Bethnal Green
Father: James Collier, Silk Weaver)
married Married 16.9.1839
Elizabeth Piper, Widow, Mantua maker of 1 Charles St  
(Father: Paul Wilkinson, Watchmaker)
Witnesses: William & Mary Ann Roney

St James, Clerkenwell

Sophia Collier bp 26.2.1808
(Parents William & Sarah Collier)

St James the Great, Bethnal Green

Elizabeth Sophia Collier b 3.10.1871 bp 5.11.1871
(parents: Henry Collier (Cigar Maker) and Elizabeth of Hope Street)

Charles James Collier born 25.7.1873 bp 17.8.1873
(Parents James Collier, Weaver of 1 Nelson Street & Clara)

St Johns, Hackney

Thomas Collier
Married 2.3.1829
Jane Chandler

William Roney, Cordwainer of Morning Lane
(father George Henry Roney, Cordwainer)
married 18.7.1842
Mary Ann Collier of Morning Lane
(father Thomas Collier, Silk Weaver)

St John the Baptist, Hoxton

Thomas Collier, Widower
married 23.6.1828
Ann Primmer
(Witnesses: James Kew, Ann Collier)

St Jude, Bethnal Green

Charles Henry Collier (19) Cigar Maker of 11 Carter Street
(father Charles Collier, Weaver)
married 25.12.1870
Elizabeth Sophia Crease (19)of 11 Fleur de lis Street
(father Lewis Crease, Hat presser)
Witnesses: Lewis & Mary Ann Crease)

(Collegiate Church of) St Katherine by the Tower

William Collier of St Mary White Chappoll, London
married 3.8.1710
Mary Walker of Poplar, London

St Leonards, Shoreditch

Baptisms: Stephen 11.8.1717, Francis 6.12.1719 and Ann 7.2.1724
(parents Abraham & Ann Collier of Hollywell St

William Collier bp 31.5.1741
(Parents William & Sarah Collier)

Matthew Collier born 3.1.1742 bp 24.1.1742
(Parents William & Sarah Collier of Norton Falgate)

Thomas Coller born 4.1.1779 bp 18.1.1779
(Parents: William & Phoebe Collier of New Inn Yard)

Matthew Collier born 7.3.1781 bp 26.3.1781
(Parents: William & Phoebe Collier of Holywell Street)

William Collier
married 3.9.1782
Phoebe Booth
(Witnesses: Henry Sparrow, William Burgess)

Sarah Delves Collier born 11.12.1782 bp 26.12.1782
(Parents: William & Phoebe Collier of Holywell Street)

Phoebe Collier born 17.2.1785 bp 31.1.1785
(Parents: William & Phoebe Collier of New Inn Yard)

Thomas Collier born 23.1.1791 bp 25.2.1791
(Parents James& Elizabeth Collier of Holywell Lane)

Sarah Collier born 2.2.1793 bp 25.3. 1793
(Parents: James & Elizabeth Collier of Webbs Square)

Matthew Collier born 14.11.1797 bp 18.9.1798
(Parents William Delves & Eleanor Collier of Spencer St)

John Collier born 24.2.1800 bp 16.4.1800
(Parents: James & Elizbeth Collier of Bar (?) Court)

William Collier bp 9.3.1812
(Parents William & Elizabeth Collier)

Joseph Collier bp 8.3.1818
(Parents:William Collier Weaver of New Inn Yard & Elizabeth Collier)

Susanna Collier born 4.1.1819 bp 24.1.1819
(Parents Josiah Collier, Weaver & Lydia of Duncomb Court)

James Collier born 14.12.1815 bp 19.10.1819
Samuel Collier born 29.9.1819 bp 19.10.1819
(parents Joseph Collier, Weaver of New Inn Yard & Hannah)

Joseph Collier
married 24.9.1827
Harriet Baker

Thomas Collier, Widower, Weaver
married (St John the Baptist, Hoxton) 23.6.1828
Ann Primmer
Witness: Ann Collier

James Collier born 19.10.1832 bp 11.11.1832
(Parents Joseph Collier, Weaver of New Inn Yard & Mary)

William Collier
married 13.2.1836
Hannah Hood

Hannah Sarah Collier born 7.11.1836 bp 25.12.1836
(Parents William Collier, Weaver of York St & Hannah)

Per Ancestry

St Mary’s, Spital Square or Wheeler Chapel, Spitalfields


Sarah Collyer (age 19)

Father: William Collyer

Married 10.5.1847

Frederick Gadderer (age 21)

Father: John Gadderer


St Mary, Whitechapel

Matthew Collier bp 13.9.1738
(Parents Matthew & Elizabeth Collier)

Josiah Collier
married 14.9.1817
Lydia Fitchen

St Matthews, Bethnal Green

William Collier
married 26.1.1783
Sarah Mason
Witness: James Mason

James Collier
married 22.12.1785
Elizabeth Mason
Witnesses: Wm Purser, Elizth Collier

George Collier born 20.12.1801 bp 17.1.1802
(Parents James & Elizabeth Collier)

George Collier buried 30.10.1802 (age 10 months)
at Gibraltar Burying Ground, Bethnal Green

Charles Collier born 13.8.1803 bp 4.9.1803
(Parents James & Elizabeth Collier

Mary Collier born 14.8.1805 bp 8.9.1805
(Parents James & Elizabeth Collier

Joseph Collier born 11.2.1808 bp 6.3.1808
(Parents James & Elizabeth Collier)

Thomas Collier born 6.8.1810 bp 26.8.1810
(Parents Thomas & Mary Collier)

Ann Collier born 4.4.1811 bp 28.4.1811
(Parents James & Elzabeth Collier)

Thomas Collier
married 30.3.1812
Mary Ann Dean

Jane Collier born 24.1.1813 bp 21.2.1813
(Parents James Collier, Weaver of St John St & Elizabeth)

Jane Collier bp 14.8.1814
(Parents William Delves Collier, Weaver of St Johns & Eleanor)

William Collier bp 26.11.1815
(Parents Thomas & Mary Collier)

Henry Collier bp 14.8.1816
(Parents William Delves Collier, Silk Manufacturer of St Johns Street & Eleanor)

William Collier
married 3.8.1818
Charlotte Robelon
Witnesses: Wm (?) Collier, Ann Collier

Sarah Delves Collier born 26.9.1818, bp 18.10.1818
(Parents William Collier, Weaver of Brick Lane & Charlotte)

Matthew Collier
married 1.8.1819
Elizabeth Richards
(Witness: E Collier)

James Collier bp 19.12.1819
(Parents Thomas & Mary Collier)

Elinor Collier born 29.1.1820, bp 27.2.1820
(Parents William Collier, Weaver of St John St & Charlotte)

Matthew Delves Collier born 11.8.1820 bp 3.9.1820
(Parents Matthew Collier, Weaver of Hope Town & Elizabeth)

William Collier born 18.2.1821, bp 18.3.1821
(Parents William Collier, Weaver of Workhouse & Charlotte)

Jane Collier bp 24.3.1822
(Parents Thomas & Mary Collier)

Eliza Elizabeth Collier born 17.9.1822
Emma Collier born 6.2.1831
Charles Collier born 15.9,1833
Elizabeth Collier born (?) 14. 7.1837
- all bp 19.1.1844
(Parents Charles Collier, Weaver and Eliza of 14 Harrold St)

John Daniel Collier bp 16.11.1823
(Parents Thomas & Mary Collier)

Amelia Collier
Elizabeth Collier
Matilda Collier
Thomas William Collier
- all bp 17.8.1823
(Parents Thomas & Mary Ann Collier)

Joseph Collier
married 25.12.1827
Mary Sanders
Witnesses: Saml Ames, Thomas Jolife or Rolife

Mary Ann Collier born 6.2.1828 bp 2.3.1828
(Parents Joseph Collier, Weaver of Wolverly Street & Mary)

James Collier bp 11.11.1832
(Patrents: Joseph & Mary Ann Collier)

James Collier bp 7.7.1839
(Parents James& Elizbeth Collier)

Sarah Collier bp 14.12.1842
(Parents: Joseph & Mary Ann Collier)

Abraham Collyer of Turville St buried 19.4.1846 (Age 80)

Thomas Collier bp 2.3.1851
(Parents: Thomas William & Rachel Collier)

Elizabeth Collier of John Street buried 29.2.1852 (age 82)

Abraham Collier, Minor Spinner of 7 Fox St
(father Josiah Collier, Weaver)
married 2.1.1860
Mary Ann Howsham Minor of 7 Fox St
(father William Howsham, Weaver)

James Collier, Carpet Weaver of 48 Busby Street
(father Joseph Collier, Weaver)
married 7.9.1863
Clara Collier (minor) of 11 Carter Street
(father Charles Collier, Weaver)
Witnesses: Charles Collier, Mary Ann Collier

St Matthias, Bethnal Green

Maria Sarah Dearman born 15.9.1858 bp 3.10.1858
(Parents Francis Dearman, Weaver of 28 Thomas Street & Maria)

St Philip's, Bethnal Green

James Collier, Silk Weaver of 6 Green St
(father John Collier, Silk Weaver)
married 10.3.1845
Mary Ann Vickers of 6 Green St
(Father John Vickers, Silk Weaver)

Colin Bower
24 December 2018

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