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Silk Weavers named Collier

The Family of Thomas & Mary (Kemp) Collier

Family legend has it that the Collier Family had Huguenot links.

I have researched the family of Thomas & Mary (Kemp) Collier as I was hoping that Charles Collier, Silk Weaver might be related.

The first set of details was provided by Leigh Collier in 1983 and potential additional children were identified in 2006:

Family per Leigh Collier

Thomas Collier b 1778/9
Married 4.7.1802 at Christ Church, Spitalfields (see Note 1 below)
Mary Kemp b 1781 (see Note 2 below)


Mary Sarah Collier b 16.8.1803
2 John St, Spitalfields
bp 31.8.1803
Christ Church, Spitalfields)
- Per Huguenot Records
(also per IGI)

James Collier b 27.11.1819
Shacklewell St, Bethnal Green
- per Parish Records

Jane Collier b 6.1.1822
Shacklewell St, Bethnal Green (see Note3)

John Daniel Collier b 23.9.1823
Shacklewell St, Bethnal Green (see Note 3)


Information obtained from IGI (but see Note 4)

Parents Thomas & Mary Collier

Christ Church, Spitalfields

Mary Sarah Colliier bp 31.8.1803

Harriot Ann Collier bp 13.2.1805
Elizabeth Collier bp 9.3.1806

St Matthew's, Bethnal Green

Phebe Collier bp 28.8.1806

Frances Collier bp 26.7.1807

Thomas Collier bp 26.8.1810

Louisa Collier bp 15.11.1812

Mary Ann Collier bp 19.9.1813

William Collier bp 26.11.1815 (see Note 4)

Sarah Collier bp 23.11.1817

James Collier bp 29.12.1819

John Daniel Collier bp 16.11.1823


1. The Parish Record of the marriage shows that Matthew and Phoebe Collier were witnesses.

The IGI has details of potential parents and siblings of Thomas Collier:

Marriage at St Leonard's, Shoreditch

William Collier married Phoebe Booth 3.9.1782

Christenings at St Leonard's, Shoreditch

Parents William & Phoebe Collier

Thomas Collier 18.1.1779

Matthew Collier March 1781

Phebe 17.2.1785

Sarah Debues Collier 26.12.1782

2. Mary Kemp’s parents were John Kemp & Ann Gaucheron (of Huguenot descent)

Her brother William Kemp married an Ann Collier on 19.2.1797 at Christ Church, Spitalfields.

3. Jane Collier of 4 Shacklewell Street, Bethnal Green was married on 28.11.1841 at St John's, Bethnal Green when John Daniel Collier was a witness.

4.  William Collier's son's birth certificate appears to confirm that Thomas Collier of Shacklewell Street, Bethnal Green, was his father:

A. Birth of William Henry Collier
2 Rounds Court, Shacklewell Street, Bethnal Green 5.6.1839
(Parents; William & Eleanor Frances Collier formerly Noon)

B. William's brother James Collier (father Thomas Collier) was living at 3 Rounds Court, Shacklewell Street per birth of his son James on 15.6.1839 and birth of his daughter Eizabeth on 10.6.1841.

Two wills and a ferret! (Update in June 2013)

As summarised in Progress 2013, Thomas Collier's father was William Collier, a "fringe, ferrit and velevet ribbon maker" (1799)

William Delves Collier was a beneficiary under the will of his father also William Collier (wife Phoebe Booth) who appears to have been a rich man.

Thomas Collier was a beneficiary under his father's will.

The following Parish Records give details of Thomas' father and grandfather:

St Dunstan, Stepney

William Collier, Weaver of Bethnal Green
married 5.3.1738
Sarah (?) Dealus

St Leonard, Shoreditch

William Collier bp 31.5.1741
(Parents William& Sarah)

William Collier
married 3.9./1782
Phoebe Booth

Colin Bower
31 October 2014

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