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The Croziers

Bit of name-dropping coming up!

The Croziers were mentioned in an article in the New Milton Advertiser & Times on 16 June.

Mary Fawcett, the Lady who kept the Calling Book, met members of the Crozier Family in 1883 and 1884.

Rev. Sir George Burrard

Sir George was the younger brother of Sir Harry Burrard-Neale, a Napoleonic was hero and a famous Lymington name.

Sir George inherited his brother's title and the Walhampton estate near Lymington after Sir Harry's death in 1840.

Francis & Harriet Crozier

Sir George's oldest surviving daughter Harriet married Francis Henry Crozier in Lymington in 1846.

After retirement, Francis & Harriet settled at the Elms in Boldre and later De La Warr House in Lymington.

Francis built & maintained a Sunday School in memory of his wife who died in 1875.

The Croziers latter years may be traced in the Censuses:


The Elms, Boldre

Francis Crozier (age 48) H M Madra Civil Service
born Bath, Somerset

Harriet Crozier Wife (age 44)


Living in adjacent (holiday?) premises in Hastings

Francis Crozier (age 58) Late Madras Civil Service (age 58)
born Bath, Somerset

Harriet Crozier (age 34 should be 54)

* * *

Sir Harry Burrard, Baronet (age 59)
Lady Mary Burrard Wife (age 46)
Ladty Emma Burrard, Mother Widow (age 73)


Delawarr, Woodside, Lymington

Francis Crozier Widower (age 88) Retired Madras Civil Service
born Bath, Somerset

Francis Crozier died in 1905 (age 92) when living at Delawarr, Lymington

Colin Bower
27 June 2023

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