The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

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Important Marriages and Name Changes

Names Index

Bingham, Emma

Burrard, Rev George
Burrard, Sir Harry
Burrard, Harriet (Daughter of Sir George)
Burrard, Harriet (Sister of Sir Harry)
Burrard, Marianne
Burrard, Mary

Burrard Neale, Sir Harry (formerly Burrard)

Chinery, Edward Fluder
Chinery, Mary

Churchill, Jennie
Churchill, Winston

Cornwallis West, William (formerly West)
Cornwallis West, George
Cornwallis West, Constance (Shelagh)
Cornwallis West, Mary (Daisy)

Crozier, Frances
Darling, Hon Lucia Frances
Downing, George Alexander
Duplessis, Jules

Elers, Edward
Elers Mary Agatha

FitzPatrick, Mary Adelaide Eupatoria
Fawcett, John

Fluder, Elizabeth
Fluder, Mary
Fluder, Sibella
Fluder, Thomas

Fullerton, George Alexander Downing (formerly Downing)
Hay, Lady Caroline
Hill, William Robinson
King, Harriet
Inman, George
Jones, Rev Ellis
Knapton, Robert
Lewis, Sophia
Lyons, Edmund

Morant, John
Morant, Hay

Neale, Grace

Neufville, Ann
Neufville, Jacob

Peacocke, Louise
Peacocke, Warren

Peel, Alice
Pringle Taylor, Major J C S (formerly Taylor)

Pulteney, John Granville Beaumont
Pulteney, John (formerly Fawcett)
Pulteney, Keppel

Reynolds, William

Rogers, William Keppel
Rogers, Augusta

Rooke, Giles
Rooke, William

St Barbe, Samuel
St Barbe, George Foster
St Barbe, Henry

Sartorius, Admiral's widow

Shedden (Colonel) John
Sheddon, Adelaide

Shrubb, Elizabeth
Shrubb, J P C (Peyto)
Shrubb, John Lane
Shrubb, Mary Lane

Somerset, Lady Henrietta
Stephenson, Elizabeth
Sutherland, Sibella

Symonds, Mary Anna
Symonds, Sophia

Taylor, Major J C S Pringle

West, Frederick
West, Georgina

Whitaker, William Ingham
Whitaker, William

Whitby, John
Whitby, Therea John Cornwallis

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

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