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Sinking of the SS Britannia

Appendix to "Other Survivors" in book Lifeboat Number Seven
- Account by Lt A.H. Rowlandson, R.N.

Names mentioned in Account

In the book, Lifeboat Number 7, Lt Rowlandson gives an account of the Sinking of the SS Britannia in which he mentions the following names:

Alfred, Mr. Gunner (T)

Cox, Second-Lt, Indian Army* (survived)

Davidson, Sub-Lt, R,N.*

Drysdale, Surgeon-Lt, R.N.*

Dwyer, Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.V.R. (a South African)*

Hardy, Lt, R.N.V.R.

Hunter, Lieutenant

Lobo, Goanese Steward

Marks, Surgeon-Lt, R.N.V.R.*

Paton, Captain, R.N.

Rowlandson, Lt A.H., R.N.* (survived)

Spurgeon, Commander

Warren, A., F.A.A.* (survived)

Welby, Lt-Commander*

Westgarth, Mr, Bo'sun

Wilkinson Lt, R.N.V.R.

Zarolo, Dr.

A.N. Other Fitter*

(The Captain, Chief Officer, Second Officer and Radio Officer were mentioned but unnamed)

*were on the same raft

Names mentioned by Commander West in the conclusions to "Other Survivors":

Following Lt. Rowlandson's account, the book's author, Commander West gives some additional names:

Cardwell, Captain V.B., R.N.

Collie, Captain of Britannia

Green, Lieutenant Stanley, R.N.V.R.

Leitch, Fourth Officer, W.

Miller, Doctor on Britannia

Miller, Surgeon-Commander, T., R.N.V.R.

Strong, Lieutenant

(A number of people are also mentioned unnamed including the Purser, Third Wireless Operator, a Naval Nursing Sister, a Missionary-teacher from Penarth and a Stewardess)

Colin Bower
1 October 2020

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