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Sinking of SS Britannia

Other Web Sites and Survivors' Accounts

I had not spotted much reference to the Sinking of the S S Britannia on the web when I undertook the research for my father in 2002/3. Since then a lot has become available including :

SS Britannia.Org

A main source of information including Personal Stories and Press Reports

Personal Stories

Press Reports

Survivors from Lifeboat No 3 etc picked up by the Cabo de Hornos

Commander Stanley Sturgeon

The distinguished Naval Officer who commanded the lifeboat

Alfred Warren

Fullest account by any of the survivors, famously bitten by a shark

Brian Pearce and Jack Arkinsall and 2 Nursing Officers

Reference to Jack Arkinstall by Melvyn Misquita

Marciano D'Sa

Reference to Marciano D'Sa by Melvyn Misquita

2nd Lt. Cox, Sub Lt. Davidson and Lt. Rowlandson

Article in The Illustrated London News dd 1 November 1941

A horrendous story of survival, on one of the rafts, from notes provided by 2nd Lt. Cox

Rescue from a raft per 2nd Lt. Cox

Survivors of Lifeboat No 7

Ian McIntosh

Web-Site about Ian McIntosh

Dave Mathieson

Extracts from Account by Dave Mathieson

Terence Blank

Account by Terence Blank

Lifeboat No 5

Among the survivors were the ship's doctor Nancy Miller, Thomas Wilfred Caldwell and his pal Jack Heard.

The story of Nancy Miller is extraordinary:

The Story of Nancy Miller

Thomas Caldwell gave his account and listed the 65 people in the lifeboat  by category of which 63 survved:

Thomas Caldwell's account

Other sources


Memorials to 127 People, mostly crew, who did not survive

Other Articles

In 2012, a correspondent made contact to tell me that his grandfather had been on the ill-fated SS Britannia and survived. His grandfather made the journey to South America. My correspondent drew my attention to some interesting websites:

- using a "dipper" on the Britannia to obtain fresh water from a water vessel onboard the lifeboat

- the story of Hugh who unfortunatelydidn't survive the taxing journey to Brazil by Lifeboat No 7

The Goan Sailors

Reference to the Goan survivors by Melvyn Misquita

the Goan story

Account of Goan survivors by Frederick Noronha

Goan Crew on the Britannia

Colin Bower
24 September 2020

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