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Sinking of SS Britannia

Other Web Sites and Survivors' Accounts

I had not spotted much reference to the Sinking of the S S Britannia on the web when I undertook the research for my father in 2002/3. I may not have thought to search on a worldwide basis though.

I have found the following:

SS Britannia

A main source of information

Ian McIntosh

Web-Site about Ian McIntosh

Tom Dunne

Web-site which includes account by Tom Dunne

Melvyn Misquita

Extensive research into Goan crew on the Britannia

Brian Pearce and Jack Arkinsall and 2 Nursing Officers

Reference to Jack Arkinstall by Melvyn Misquita

Marciano D'Sa

Reference to Marciano D'Sa by Melvyn Misquita

Commonwealth War Graves

Reference to the Goan survivors by Melvyn Misquita

Colin Bower
18 March 2018

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