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Sinking of the S S Britannia

Marciano D'Sa

In his web site Melvyn Misquita states that:

"Antonio Marciano de Sa, a seaman from Zosvaddo in Socorro, Goa, who was the chief steward on the S S Britannia, also survived the tragedy and subsequently made his way to Goa. He then proceeded with his family-his wife, daughter and two sons-to look for work at Mombasa, Kenya. He died in Mombasa in 1947.

His son told Melvyn that: "he was lost at sea for nearly 15 to 20 days and evntually landed in some part of Europe or America".

As it appears that Marciano signed the menu, on which my father collected signatures of most of the survivors picked up by the Cabo de Hornos, perhaps he was rescued a good deal earlier than was thought.

I can remember my father talking about the Chief Steward but unfortunately I cannot remember what it was now.

Colin Bower
29 February 2008

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