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Sinking of the S S Britannia

Ian McIntosh

From the various web sites I learnt that Australian Ian McIntosh was a passenger on the S S Britannia on his way to take up an appointment with the First Submarine Flotilla in Alexandria, Egypt./p>

He has said that:

"....early in 1941, I joined the Anchor Line passenger ship Britannia, 8,700 tons, as one of 327 passengers, mostly servicemen and almost all male. We sailed from Liverpool on 11th March as part of a 5-ship convoy of similar ships, all relatively fast. Escorted well south to somewhere off the coast of West Africa, on or about the 21st March , the convoy was dispersed and the ships proceeded independently."

After the Britannia was sunk, he was one of the Naval officers in the famous Lifeboat Number Seven which made it to Brazil for which he was awarded a military M.B.E.

Much is made of the heroism of Ian McIntosh in books and various web-sites.

Colin Bower
29 February 2008

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