The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Sinking of  the SS Britannia 1941

Book, German Raiders of World War II
- Names mentioned

SS Britannia Survivors

Falconar, Edwin M., Deck Machinist

MacVicar, William, Third Officer, SS Britannia

McIntosh L.S, Sub-Lieut.(his first initial should have been I. for Ian Stewart)

Rowlandson A.H., Lt., R.N.

West, Frank

Crew of the Thor

Names mentioned in the section of the book on the Britannia only:

Kahler, Otto, Captain

Koppen-Boehnke, Werner

Muller, Theo

Colin Bower
21 October 2020

Links to:

from book Lifeboat Number Seven, account by Frank West

from book Lifeboat Number Seven, account by Lieut. A.H. Rowlandson

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