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Brecht One-Name Study

Parish Records for Piper, Pardom & Brecht Families

This article lists entries I have found in the Parish Records for:

1. The Piper family
2. The Pardom Family
3. Heinrich (Henry) Brecht's Family
4. Other Brecht Entries

1. The Piper Family

St Mary’s, Lambeth

John Piper
Married 8.9.1782
Mary Hunt

St Mary’s, Newington

Harriet Piper bp 24.11.1802 (born 6.1.1802)
(Parents John & Mary Piper)

2. The Pardom Family

St Botolph, Bishopsgate

Mary Pardom bp 5.10.1783
(Parents Godfrey & Susannah Pardom)

St Mary’s, Whitechapel

Susannah Pardom bp 18.3.1787
(Parents Godfrey & Susannah Pardom, Alie St – See Note below)

Alie Street (from a set of fiche from the Anglo-German FHS)

"The church of St George, Little Alie Street, Goodman's Fields, in East London was built in 1762 and opened in 1763 to serve the increasing German Lutheran population of East London. The sugar industry was mainly based in East London and was largely owned by Germans. Most of the workers came from North Germany and were Lutherans.The church's foundation was largely due to the efforts of a local sugar refiner called Mr Beckmann, whose sugar baker' workers formed much of the original congregation... "

John Christopher Brecht
Married 25.5.1795
Susannah Pardom, Widow

St Nicholas Cole Abbey, City of London (a Wren church)

Maria Brecht bp 3.4.1796
(Parents John Christopher & Susannah Brecht)

4. Heinrich (Henry) Brecht's Family

St Mary’s, Islington

Heinrich Brecht
Married 14.7.1808
Mary Somes

Christ Church, Spitalfields

Maria Catran Brecht bp 12.7.1812 (born 16.6.1812)
(Parents Heinrich Brecht, Colour Maker, Fashion St & Mary)

*Maria Catharine Brecht buried 16.11.1814 (Age 2)

Elisabeth Catharine Bracht (should be Brecht)bp 15.10.1815
(Parents Henry Brecht Colour Man of Fashion Street & Mary)

Charlotte Bracht (should be Brecht)bp 28.6.1818
(Parents Henry Brecht, Colour Maker of Fashion Street & Mary)

Mary (Somes) Brecht buried 3.1.1819 (Age 35)

*Charlotte Brecht of Fashion St buried 15.1.1819 (Age 9)

*Elisabeth Catharine Brecht buried 17.6.1821 (Age 5)

Eleanor Brecht of Fashion Street buried 24.10.1824 (Age 17 months)

Henry Frederick Ludwig Brecht buried 3.6.1838 (age 54)

Henry Brecht of St Paul, Shadwell buried 2.8.1855 (age 22)

*children of Heinrich/Henry Brecht & Mary (Somes) Brecht

St George in the East

Henry Brecht
married 21.4.1837
Harriet Piper
(the Pallot Marriage Index 1780-1837 gives Henry's name as Hy Fredk Ludewig Brecht)

St Matthews, Bethnal Green

Henry Frederick Ludewig Brecht bp 3.2.1833 born (?) 14.1.1833
(Parents Henry Frederick Ludewig, Color Manufacturer of Bonner St & Harriet Brecht)

13.9.1865 Bp Catherine Brecht born Nov 1822
Henry Brecht, Paper Hanger, Stepney & Harriet

13.9.1865 Bp Christiana Brecht born 1835
Henry Brecht, Paper Hanger, Stepney & Harriet

Other Brecht Entries

When searching Ancestry in September 2017, I found the following additional entries in the Parish Records:

St Mary's, Stepney

Edward William Brecht and George Henry Brecht bp 24.4.1859
(Parents George & Mary Brecht)

William Thomas Brecht bp 16.5.1869
(parents George & Mary Ann Brecht)

St Paul's, Bow Common

George Charles Brecht bp 21.6.1888
(Parents Edward Brecht, House Decorator (?) Robeson Street & Clara)

London, England

Clara Mary Ann Brecht bp 16.8.1883
(Parents Edward Brecht Painter of 23 Selsey Road & Clara)

Sydney Albert Brecht bp 2.6.1895
(Parents Edward Brecht Laborer of 107 Rowsell Street & Clara)

Frederick Arthur Brecht bp 26.4.1896
(parents Edward Brecht Painter of 89 Rowsell Street & Clara)

Barking Road, Essex

Henry John Brecht bp 12.8.1894
(parents Henry & Elizabeth Brecht)

William John Brecht bp 6.5.1898
(parents William Thomas & Ellen Brecht)

St Gabriel's, Bromley

John Iceton Brecht bp 17.8.1898
(Parents Edward Brecht House Decorator of 15 Southill Street & Clara)

St Matthias, Poplar

Albert Henry Brecht born 9.9.1901 bp 25.9.1901
(Parents William Thomas Brecht, Greengrocer of 32 High Street & Ellen)

St Anne's, Limehouse

Albert Charles Brecht bp 19.10.1902
(Parents Albert Edward & Jessie Brecht)

St Gabriel's, Canning Town

Albert William Frederick Brecht born 14.4.1904 bp 5.6.1904
(parents Henry & Elizabeth Harriet Brecht)

St Paul's Plumstead

John George Brecht born 11.3.1908 bp 3.5.1908
(Parents John King Brecht & Louisa Mary Julia Brecht)

City of London& Tower Hamlets Cemetery

William Thomas Brecht of 93a Devons Road, Bromley
Buried 23.12.1930 (age 62)

Worthing, Sussex

Arthur G. Brecht married Molly P. Murphy March 1972

Colin Bower
7 October 2017

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