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Brecht One-Name Strudy

Julia (Barnett) Brecht

I have always been fascinated by one of the certficates I obtained:

Certificate Held

Full name: George Charles Barnett Brecht
Born at:17 Thomas Street, Limehouse (Date: 26 Decemeber 1909)
Father: Charles Brecht  (Occupation: House Painter)
Mother: Julia Brecht late Sheldrack (Maiden Name: Barnett)

Information obtained to date

Julia had quite a life! For example, she had 4 children by Arthur Sheldricks and another 3 by Charles Brecht.

In 2023 I was able to fill in many of the gaps but there is more to discover (see Things we wish we knew).

1. Clerkenwell, London

Frederick William Barnett birth registered Jan-March 1850

2. Chrsichurch, Spitalfields

Frederick Barnet
married 13.4.1873
Eliza Mary Wilson

3. Julia Mary Barnett
birth registered Oct-Dec 1873 City of London

4. St Nicholas, Loughton, Essex

Julia Mary Barnet bp 28.12.1873
(Parents Frederick & Eliza Mary Barnet)

5. St Botolph without Bishopsgate

Frederick William John Barnett (Julia's brother) born 18.7.1875 bp 17.10.1875
(Parents Frederick Barnett, Porter of 28 Artillery Lane & Eliza Mary Barnett)

6. 1881 Census

7 (?) Wilks's Cottages, Loughton (4 Wilks's Cottags in 1871 Census)

John Wilson Head (54) born Loughton, Essex
Eliza Wilson Wife (45) Charwoman born Finchingfield, Essex
Hannah Wilson (13) Scholar born Loughton, Essex
Emma Wilson (11) ditto
James Wilson (9) ditto
Amelia Wilson (3) ditto
Julia Mary Barnard (should be Barnett) (7) Grand Daur Scholar born Bishopsgate, Middlesex
Frederick Barnard (5) Grand Son ditto
Henry Barnard (3) ditto

7. St Nicholas, Loughton

Charles Miller (age 28) (Father William Miller)
married 19.2.1882
Eliza Mary Barnett (Father John Wilson)

8. 1891 Census

Myrtle Cottages, Chigwell, Buckhurst Hill

Charles Miller Head Married (38) Cordwainer born Newhaven, Sussex
Fredc W.J. Barnett Stepson (15) Stable Boy born City of London
Harry Barnett Stepson (13) House Boy born City of London
Winifred Miller (8) Daur born Buckhurst Hill, Essex
Sarah A. Miller (7) ditto
Bessie Miller (4) ditto

9. In City of London Union Workhouse, Homerton

Julia Barnett - Transfer from Ipswich Union. Homeless in June & October 1892

Fuller Transcription of Entries

10. St Thomas, Bethnal Green

Arthur Sheldrick (age 27) Packing Case Maker of 6 Crescent Place
(Father Henry Sheldrick, Slater (Deceased))
married 30.7.1893
Julia Marima Barnett (sge 19) Servant of 28 Crescent Place
(Father Frderick Barnett, Magistrate (Deceased))

11. Listed as Habitual Criminal.

Julia Shildricks alias Barnett - In jail 1994/5 with 2 previous convictions

Fuller Transciption of Entry

12 1901 Census

4 Lead Street, Poplar

Arthur Sheldricks (age 35) General Labourer born Hackney, London
Julia Sheldricks (age 27) born Hackney, London
Arthur Sheldricks (age 7) born Hackney, London
Nellie Sheldricks (age 5) born Commercial Road, London
Winifred Sheldricks (age 2) born Isle of Dogs
Johnny Sheldricks (age 7 months) born Isle of Dogs

13 1911 Census

17 Thomas Street, Limehouse

Charles Brecht Head (39) Painter born Burdett Road, London
Julia Brecht Wife (39) born Threadneedle Street, London
George Charles Barnett Brecht Son (1) born Burdett Road, London

This gave rise to a branch of the family calling themselves Barnett-Brecht.

42 Maclaren Street, Clapton Park

Arthur Sheldrick Haed (age 45) Labourer, Case Maker born Shoreditch, London
Arthur Sheldrick Wife (age 43) born Bath, Somerset
Arthur George Sheldrick Son (age 17) Packing Case Maker born Hackney, London
Walter Henry Toombs Stepson (age 17) Tooth Brish Fashioner born Hackney, London
Annie Margaret Phillips Stepdaughter (age 12) School born Hackney, London

14 1921 Census

30 Newman Road, Plaistow

Charles Brecht born 1874 Bow, London
Ship Painter, Port of London
Age 47 Living Parish: West Ham Reg. District: West Ham County: Essex, London

 Julia Brecht born 1873 City of London
Age 48 Living Parish: West Ham Reg. District: West Ham County: Essex, London

 George Brecht born 1910 Bow, London
Age 11 Living Parish: West Ham Reg. District: West Ham County: Essex, London

 Mary Brecht born 1916 Plaistow, London
Age 5 Living Parish: Plaistow Reg. District: West Ham County: London

 Margaret Brecht born 1918 West Ham, London
Age 3 Living Parish: West Ham Reg. District: West Ham County: Essex, London

15 1939 Register of England & Wales

30 Newman Road, West Ham

Charles Brecht Widower born 16.2.1872 House & Shops....

16. Charles & Julia's Children

Mary Brecht born 19.9.1899
Married 1925
Albert Dobbins

George Brecht born 26.12.1909
married 1933
Ellen Washer

Margaret Brecht born 22.1.1918
married 1943

Things we wish we new

Despite a number of attempts, I have been unable to trace:

A. Julia marrying in the name Sheldrack/Sheldricks

B. Julia in the 1891 Census

C. Details of Julia's 3 convictions

D. The death of Charles Brecht's first wife Hannah (Hawkins) Brecht
- In 1901 Charles Brecht was married to Hannah Hawkins; in 1911 Julia

E. what were Julia's whereabouts 1881-1891 and 1901-1911?
- when did her father die or her parents split up? See Note
- she was with grandparents in 1881 Census (age 7)
- she may have been a servant in 1891 but where?
- she was in the Ipswich Workhouse 1892 (age 18)
- she was in the City of London (Homerton) Workhouse 1892 (age 18)
- she was married in 1893 (age 19)
- she was in jail 1894/5 (third conviction)in name Sheldricks
- when and where were the other 2 convictions
- she was with her husband Arthur Shildricks in the 1901 Census (age 27)
- when did they split up?
- what happened to their children
- she was with her second husband Charles Brecht in the 1911 Census (age 48)


I did find that either Julia's father died or separated from her mother Eliza (who remarried in 1882) prior to the 1881 Census and the children were split up, which would have had a big impact on Julia.

Colin Bower
14 May 2023

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