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Brecht One-Name Strudy

Appendix 3 – The Bretts

Some of the family adopted the surname Brett because of anti-German sentiments, so their entries are in the name Brett:

Arthur Brett

My grandparents are an example:

1908-1915 Arthur Brett, 78 Clemence Street, Limehouse

1918-1926 Arthur & Ellen Brett, 78 Clemence Street, Stepney

1929 Arthur & Ellen Brett, Ellen Gertrude & Enid Emily Brett
78 Clemence Street, Stepney

It must have been about here that my grandparents split up:

1930 Ellen Brett (my Aunt), Ellen Elizabeth Brett (My Grandma) & Enid Emily Brett 78 Clemence Street, Stepney

My Grandfather Arthur Brett may have lived elsewhere in Limehouse:

1935 Arthur Brett, 6 Locksley Street, Stepney
1936-1939 Arthur Brett, 18 Locksley Street, Stepney

Post War

78 Clemence Street was destroyed in the Blitz and my Grandma and Aunt Ellen moved to Beckenham and then Dulwich:

1948-1960 Ellen E. Brett, Ellen G. Brett (J), 118 East Dulwich Grove, Dulwich

After Grandma died, my Aunt stayed on for a few more years before moving elsewhere in Camberwell:

1961-1963 Ellen G. Brett, 118 East Dulwich Grove, Camberwell, Dulwich

William Thomas Brett

1904-1905 William Thomas Brett, 10 Augusta Street, Poplar

1906-1907 William Thomas Brett, 67-69 Burgess Street, Limehouse

1910 William Thomas Brett, 28 & 30 High Street, Poplar

1911-1915 William Thomas Brett, 30 High Street, Poplar

1919-1923 William Thomas & Ellen Brett, 85 High Street, Poplar

1924-1925 William Thomas & Ellen Brett, William John Brett, Nephew and
Albert Henry Brett, Son

1926 -1928 William Thomas & Ellen Brett, Albert Henry Brett
85 High Street, Poplar

1930 William Thomas & Ellen Brett, Albert Henry Brett, Son& his wife Ada May Brecht and
Eleanor Rosina Brecht, Daughter, 85 High Street, Poplar


Arthur Brett
Ellen Elizabeth Brett (his wife)
Ellen Gertrude Brett (their daughter)
Emily Enid Brett (their daughter)

William Thomas Brett
Ellen Brett (his wife)
Albert Henry Brett (their son) – Also see Brecht above
Ada May Brett (his wife)
Eleanor Rosina Brett (their Daughter)

William John Brett, nephew

Colin Bower
2 February 2021

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