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Brecht One-Name Study

Appendix 2


Foundation of Brecht Family in England

18.George (Frederick) Brecht and
26.Mary Ann Brecht (his wife)

Their Children

10. Edward Brecht

15. George Charles Brecht (son)
13.Ellen Eva Brecht (his wife)

6.Helen Annie/Annie Helen (wife of Henry Brecht)

23.Leslie Harry Brecht(son)
29.Rose M. Brecht (his wife)

(William Thomas Brett born Brecht)

5.Albert Henry Brecht(son)
1.Ada M. Brecht Senior (his wife)


11.Eleanor M. Brecht
2.Ada M. Brecht Junior
19.Joan Brecht
18.Jean Doris Brecht

4.Albert Edward Brecht

31.William E. Brecht (son)
30.Violet Brecht (his wife)

(Walter Frederick Brecht born Brecht

9.Doris R. Brecht (daughter)

27.Michael W. A. Brecht (grandson)
17.Jacqueline P. Brecht (his wife)

21.John King Brecht

25.Louisa Mary Julia Brecht (his wife)

20.John George Brecht (son)
28.Wife 1 - Patricia Florence Brecht
8.Wife 2 – Doris M. Brett

3.Albert Brecht (son)
24.Lilian Maud Brecht(his wife)

22.Kathleen Margarette Brecht (daughter)

Families not identified for:

7.Christine Brecht

12. Elizabeth C. Brecht and

16.Henry Brecht

Colin Bower
2 February 2021

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