The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Family Connections with the Pentonville area and High Holborn, Drury Lane and 3 Churches (St Giles in the Fields, St Martins in the Field and St George, Hanover Square)

On the visit to London in January 2011, I walked the streets that the following ancestors walked:

Pentonville Area

Hayes/Bradbrook Family

1. Certificates Held

Full name: Henry Thomas Hayes<
Born at: 7 Thornhill Street, Islington (Date: 11/7/1849)
Father: Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Elizabeth Hayes (Maiden Name: Bradbrook)

Full name: Thomas William Hayes (of: 7 Woodfield Road
Occupation: Bricklayer (Age: 26)
Father: Thomas Hayes, Bricklayer
Married at: Trinity Church, Paddington (Date: 7/5/1854 )
Spouse: Elizabeth Bradbrook (of: John Street )
Occupation: (Age: 25) Father: Fenn Bradbrook, Silversmith
Relevant Witnesses:

Full Name: Fenn Bradbrook of: 7 Thornhill St, Islington (Age: 52)
Occupation: Silver Polisher
Died at: 7 Thornhill St, Islington (Date: 9.6.1857)
Cause: Philhisis
Informant: Ruth Bradbrook

Full name: Thomas William Henry Hayes
Born at: 2 Regent Terrace, Islington (Date: 4/4/1874)
Father: Henry Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Charlotte Hayes (Maiden Name: Gardner)

2. Census Records Held

1841 Census

11 Thornhill Street, Islington

Fenn Bradbrook Head 35 Silver Smith
Ruth Bradbrook Wife 35
Elizabeth Bradbrook Daughter 10
Charles Bradbrook Son 5
Ruth Bradbrook Daughter 10 months

Note: Some ages were given to nearest 5 years below

1851 Census

16 Cumming Street North, Islington West

Thomas Hayes, Bricklayer Head 23 born Middlesex, Islington
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 21 born Sussex, Bognor
Henry Hayes Son 20 months born Middlesex, Islington

7 Thornhill Street, Islington

*James Bradbrook Head 47 Silversmith born Suffolk, Ipswich
Ruth Bradbrook Wife 47 born Sussex, Bognor (?)
Charles Bradbrook Son 15 born Middx Islington
Ruth Bradbrook Daughter 9 born Middx Islington
William Bradbrook Son 7 born Middx Islington

* Should have been Fenn Bradbrook

1861 Census

5C Thornhill Street, Islington

Thomas Hayes 33 Carpenter & Joiner born Clerkenwell
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 30 born Bognor, Sussex
(mother also staying at address - see Bradbrook below)
Henry Hayes Son 11 Scholar born Islington
Martha Hayes Daughter 9 Scholar born Islington
Mary Ann Hayes Daughter 6 Scholar born Islington
Elizabeth Hayes Daughter 4 Scholar born Islington
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 2 Scholar born Islington

5C Thornhill Street, Islington

Ruth Bradbrook widow 58 Laundress born Bognor Sussex (daughter also staying at address - see Hayes above)

William Bradbrook Son 17 Painter born Islington

1871 Census

1 Southampton Street, Clerkenwell

Thomas W Hayes Head Bricklayer 42 born Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 41 born Bognor, Sussex
Martha Hayes Daughter Packer 19 born Islington, Middlesex
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 12 born Islington, Middlesex
William R Hayes Son 6 born Islington, Middlesex

3. Entries in London Directories

Pigot’s London Directory 1824 (i.e. not including Middlesex)

Hayes & Co., Bricklayer & Plasterer, 13 Henry-st., Pentonville.

Drury Lane

Gardner Family

1. Certificates Held

Full name: Eliza Gardner
Born at: 180 Drury Lane, South St Giles (Date: 23.2.1850)
Father: Edward James Gardner (Occupation: Compositer)
Mother: Martha Gardner (Maiden Name: Tunstell)

2. Census Records Obtained

1851 Census

180 Drury Lane, St Giles in the Fields, Finsbury

Edward Gardner 42 Printer & Compositer born St Johns, Westminster(?)
Martha Gardner Wife 42 born Bloomsbury
Edward Gardner Son 19 Printer & Compositer born St Giles
John Gardner Son 17 Errand Boy born St Giles
Mary Ann Gardner Daughter 12 born St Giles
Charlotte Gardner Daughter 8 born St Giles
Ellen Gardner Daughter 5 born St Giles
Eliza Gardner Daughter 1 born St Giles

3. Parish Records

St George, Bloomsbury

Martha Tunstill bp 22.2.1810 (parents James & Elizbeth Tunstill)

Edward James Gardner married Martha Tunstell 6.6.1830

High Holborn, St Giles in the Fields,St Martins in the Field and St George, Hanover Square

Bower/Pitts Family

1. Certificates Held

Full Name: James Benjamin Pitts of: 4 Queens Court (High Holborn)
Occupation: Coach Smith
Died: 8/1/1839 age: 48 at: 4 Queens Court
Cause: Consumption
Informant: Kezia Pitts

Full name: Benjamin Bates Bower (of: Knightsbridge)
Occupation: Tailor (Age: Full)
Father: Christopher Bower, Tailor
Married at: St George, Hanover Square (Date: 24/11/1842)
Spouse: Mary Pitts (of: Knightsbridge)
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: James Benjamin Pitts, Smith
Relevant Witnesses:

2. Censuses Records Obtained


* In the 1841 Census, a number of adult ages were rounded to the nearest 5 years below

Queens Court, High Holborn

Kezia Pitts 40 Independent
Robert Pitts 17 Journeyman Smith
James B Pitts 10

3. Parish Records

St Martins in the Fields

John Pitts
Married 1788
Elizabeth Bates

St Giles in the Fields

James Pitts bp 15.10.1815
(Parents James Smith, Coach Smith & Louisa (Pinnion), Blenheim St, St James)

Mary Pitts bp 12.1.1817
(Parents James Pitts Coach Smith & Louisa, Oxford Market, St Mary le bone)

St George, Hanover Square

Christopher Bower
Married 3.11.1817
Elizabeth Pitts
Witnesses: (?) N.G.Bower & M. Pitts

St Martins in the Field, Westminster

Louisa Pitts bp 19.5.1822
Parents James Pitts, Coach Smith & Louisa, 5 Hanover Street)

St James, Pentonville (since demolished)

James Benjamin Pitts b 19.12.1824 bp 9.1.1825
(Parents James Benjamin Pitts, Coach Smith & Louisa, High Street)

St George, Bloomsbury

James Benjamin Pitts bp 31.3.1831
(Parents: James Benjamin Pitts, Coach Smith & Kezia, Holborn)

4. Businesses run by the Pitts family


1822 per Baptism

James Pitts, Coach Builder, 5 Hanover Street

1825 per Baptism

James Pitts, Coach Builder, High Street (?Holborn)

1831 per Baptism

James Benjamin Pitts, Coach Builder, Holborn

1839 per Death

Benjamin James Pitts, Coach Smith,4 Queens Court


Robert Pitts, Jy Smith, Queens Court, High Holborn

1842 Per Marriage

Father James Benjamin Pitts, Smith

Colin Bower
28 February 2011

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