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Seaborn(e)/Seabourn(e) Family

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Holbrook Family

Ellen Maria Holbrook bp 28.8.1831
All Saints, West Ham
(Parents William Thomas & Sarah Maria Holbrook)

Holbrook family - 1841 Census

William Holbrook (age 35) Shoemaker
Sarah Hobrook (age 35)
Ellen Holbrook (age 9)
Chapple St, Stratford

Seaborn(e)/Seabourn(e) Family

John Seaborn born c 1800

James Seaborn born c 1824/5 Gt Hallingbury, Essex
(Age: 24/5 - James Seaborn)

James Seaborn (Labourer) 10.10.1847 Married Ellen Maria Holbrook
Parish Church, Hackney (Age: Full - James Seaborn)

per 1851 Census
James (26) (Coal Porter) and Ellen (20) Saban (should have been Seabourn)
Langthorn St, West Ham (next to the Holbrooks)

James Seabourn (Coal Heaver) 6.11.1853 Birth of Daughter Emma Mary Seabourn
1 Langthorn Street, West Ham (Age: 28/29 - James Seabourn)

James Seabourn 23.6.1857 birth of son James William Seabourn
7 Green Gate Street, Plaistow (Age: 32/3 - James Seabourn)

James Seabourn (Coal Dealer) 16.3.1861 Birth of son William Seabourn
Alley, Plaistow (Age: 36/7 - James Seabourn)

per 1861 Census
James (36) (Coal Dealer)& Ellen (30) Seabourne
7 Armfield Cottages, Plaistow

James Seabourn 1862/3 Birth of son Thomas A. Seabourn
(Age: 37/8 - James Seabourn)

James Seabourn 1866/7 Birth of son Charles F J Seabourn
(Age: 41/2 - James Seabourn)

James Seabourn (Coal Dealer) Death 6.8.1866
Greengate Street, Plaistow (Age: 42 - James Seabourn)

per 1871 Census
Ellen Seaborn (39) Widow, Laundress

10 Stanley St, Plaistow


Ellen Maria Seabourn (Widow) 16.6.1872 married John George Robson
St Mary's Church, Plaistow (Age: Full - Ellen Maria Seabourn)

Emma Mary Seabourn married Charles Herbert Saunders 26.9.1876
St Mary's Church, Plaistow (Age: Full - Emma Mary Seabourn)
Her brother James Seabourn (Market Gardener) appears to have given her away

Ellen Maria Robson (Widow) per 1881 Census 35 Anne St., W Ham (Age: 49 - Ellen Maria Robson)
living with children
William Seabourn, age: 20
Thomas A. Seabourn, age: 18
Charles F.J. Seabourn, age: 14
Ruth Robson born Canning Town, age: 8

Ellen Maria Robson per 1891 Census
42 Trinity Street, Canning Town (Age: 59 - Ellen Maria Robson)
living with:
Charles Frederick Robson, age: 25

James William Seabourn (Beer Keeper) per 1891 Census
Prince Arthur, 33 Woodstock St (Age: 33 - James William Seabourn)

William Seabourne per 1891 Census
11 Seaton Street, Canning Town (Age: 30 - William Seabourne)

Thos Arthur Seabourn (Stevedore, Docks age 27) per 1891 Census
42 Trinity St, West Ham

Thomas A Seabourn (Beer House Keeper age 37) per 1901 Census
129 Green St, Bethnal Green

Thomas Seabourn (Potman Licensed Victualler) per 1911 Census
5 Upland Road

Colin Bower
31 January 2009

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