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Walland/Whorland Family

Progress To Date

Great Grandparent: Mary Ann Walland
- Her Parents: William Edward Walland and Susan Hutley
- Her Grandparents: Edward Walland & Mary Reynolds

Mini Family Tree (Direct Ancestors)

The family tree to date may be summarised:

Walland/Whorland Family

Thomas Whorland/Whirland b c 1670, d 1714
Married c 1690
Elizabeth (Whorland/Whirland) b c 1670, d 1728
Had 3 children

Benjamin Whirland/Whorland b or bp 13.04.1712
Married 12.2.1736
Elizabeth Odell c 1715
Had 10 children

Edward Walland b 6.07.1755
Married 16.04.1781
Alice Siggins b 20.4.1760
Had 3 children

Edward Walland b 16.10.1782
Married 21.06.1813
Mary Reynolds b c 1781
Had 9 children

Edward William Walland b c 1814
Married 14.08.1837
Susannah Amey Hutley b 1.08.1815
Had 8 children

Mary Ann Walland b 17.11.1838
Married 12.12.1856
George Frederick Brecht b c 1834/5

Arthur Brecht b 28.01.1877 d 28.12.1946
Married 25.12.1899
Ellen Elizabeth Curran Saunders b 6.1.1877 d 19.3.1960

Doris Ivy Brecht b 15.03.1912
d 29.6.2003
Married 11.07.1936
Frederick Bower b 12.09.1910
d 10.9.2006

Colin Malcolm Bower b 12.01.1944
Married 15.10.1966
Christine Elizabeth Collier b 26.03.1946

Link to Family Tree

Mary Ann Walland & Descendants

Summary of research to date

Of the 16 family names, we have made the most progress with the Walland family with the least effort!

At one time, we had visions of ancestors from the continent of Europe but in fact there were many name variants and our ancestors were Whirlands or Worelands from Cambridgeshire!

Subsequently the family moved to the East End of London and Essex.

I was given a lot of information by the wife of a distant cousin and for the moment other family names deserve priority.

Birth Marriage & Death Certificates Held
- Births: 1
- Marriages: 2+1 Unwanted
- Deaths:

Certificates Held - Walland Family

Census Records Obtained
- 1841
- 1851 Edward & Susan (Hutley) Walland & family
- James Walland & family
- 1861 Edward & Susan (Hutley) Walland & family
- 1871 Edward & Susan (Hutley) Walland & family
- 1881 Edward and Susan (Hutley) Walland
- William & Jane Walland & family
- Thomas & Emily Walland & family
- 1891 Thomas & Emily Walland & family
- 1901 William & Jane Walland & family
- Thomas & Emily Walland

Census Records Held

Other Research Undertaken
- IGI - Sheets held for London & Essex
- Parish Records: Meldreth & Melbourn, Cambridgeshire held
- Wills
- Businesses: printers 1994 Britton & Walland
- Correspondence: One correspondent provided a lot of information including Parish Records from Meldreth etc
- Visits - Meldreth Churchyard, Cambridgeshire
- Photographs
- Misc Info/Documents

Progress 2004/7


Progress 2008

I did make the effort to find some entries in the 1861, 1871. 1881, 1891 and 1901 Censuses.

Progress 2009


Progress 2010


Progress 2011

On my visit to Meldreth Church near Cambridge in 2001 I found the local use of the family name Abbis:

Visit to Meldreth 2001

At that time, I saw a grave for an Abbis Worland who died 26.11.1893 (age 58) and the caretaker told me that he had gone to school with an Abbis Worland.

A correspondent has contacted me to say that Abbis Worland who died in 1893 was his Great Grandfather. My correspondent told me that his father was an Abbis Worland and his own middle name was Abbis.


Things we wish we knew

For the moment, I am content with the research by a correspondent (back to Thomas Whirland buried in Meldreth, Cambridgeshire in 1714).

Colin Bower
1 January 2012

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