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Seaborn(e)/Seabourn(e) Family


1. The asterisk * denotes one of our direct ancestors
2. The symbol # denotes unrelated certificate, it appears!

Full Name: William Holbrook* of: Plaistow (Age: 39)
Occupation: Shoemaker
Died at: Plaistow (Date: 18/3/1847)
Cause: Died in a natural way & not from violence
Informant: Coroner

Full name: James Seaborn* (usually spelt Seabourn)(of: Jerusalem Square)
Occupation: Labourer (Age: Full)
Father: John Seaborn*, Labourer
Married at: Parish Church, Hackney (Date: 10/10/1847)
Spouse: Ellen Maria Holbrook* (of: Jerusalem Sqaure)
Occupation: (Age: Full )
Father: William Holbrook*, Labourer
Relevant Witnesses:

Full name: Emma Mary Seabourn*
Born at: 1 Langthorne Street, West Ham (Date: 6/11/1853)
Father: James Seabourn* (Occupation: Coal Heaver)
Mother: Ellen Maria Seabourn* (Maiden Name: Holbrook)

Full name: James William Seabourne
Born at: 7 Green Gate Street, Plaistow (Date: 23/6/1857)
Father: James Seabourne* (Occupation: Coal Porter)
Mother: Ellen Maria Seabourne* (Maiden Name: Holbrook)

Full name: William Seabourn
Born at: Alley, Plaistow (Date: 16/3/1861)
Father: James Seabourn* (Occupation: Coal Dealer)
Mother: Ellen Seabourn* (Maiden Name: Holbrook)

Full Name: Sarah Maria Holbrook* of: 11 Balaam Street, Plaistow (Age: 60)
Occupation: Widow of Holbrook, Shoemaker
Died at: 11 Balaam Street, Plaistow (Date: 30/7/1864 )
Cause: Typhoid Fever
Informant: Mary Ann Smith

Full Name: James Seabourn* of: Greengate Street, Plaistow (Age: 42)
Occupation: Coal Dealer
Died at: Greengate Street, Plaistow (Date: 6/8/1866)
Cause: Cholera Fever 6 days
Informant: E Seabourn (of: 334 High Street, Poplar)

Full name: John George Robson (of: Plaistow)
Occupation: Butcher (Age: Full)
Father: George Robson, Butcher
Married at: St Mary's Church, Plaistow (Date: 16/6/1872)
Spouse: Ellen Maria Seabourn*, Widow (of: Plaistow )
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: William Holbrook*, Shoemaker
Relevant Witnesses: William Holbrook, Hannah Holbrook

Full name: Charles Herbert Saunders*(of: Plaistow )
Occupation: Mariner (Age: Full)
Father: Henry Saunders*, Lieutenant in Coast Guard Service
Married at: St Marys Church, Plaistow (Date: 26/9/1876 )
Spouse: Emma Mary Seabourn* (of: Plaistow )
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: James Seabourn*, Market Gardener
Relevant Witnesses: James Seabourn

Colin Bower
31 January 2009

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