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Seaborn(e)/Seabourn(e) Family

Census Records Held

Summary (Direct Ancestors are highlighted)

1841 Census

John & Mary Saban
John & Sarah Seaban (Saban)

1851 Census

John & Sarah Saban & Family
John & Lois Saban & family
James & Ellen Saban & family (should have been Seabourn)

1861 Census

John & Lois Saban & Family
James & Ellen Seaborne & family

1871 Census

Ellen Seabourn Widow & Family
Ellen A Seaborn & Mary A Seaborn, Servants

1881 Census

Ellen Robson (formerly Holbrook late Seabourne) & family
James & Elizabeth Seabourn & family
George & Mary (Seabourn) Smith & family

1891 Census

Ellen Robson (formerly Holbrook late Seabourne)Widow & family
James William & Elizabeth Seabourn & family
William & Mary Seabourne & family
Thos. Arthur & Sarah Seabourn & family

1901 Census

George & Mary Ann (Seabourn)Smith & family
Benjamin & Mary Ann (formerly Seabourne) Amos & family
Thomas & Emily Seaborne & family

1911 Census

Thomas & Emily Seabourn & family
Elizabeth Seabourn, Widow
Herbert Seabourn (age18)


1841 Census

Chapple Street, Stratford

Spellbrook, Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire

John Saban (45)
Mary Saban (40)

Hallingbury Street, Great Hallingbury

John Seaban (Saban) 67
Sarah Seaban 59
Jane Seaban 21
John Seaban 19
Daniel Seaban 11

1851 Census

John Saban(29) Head Labourer born Little Hallingbury
Lois Saban (25) Wife born Gt Hallingbury
John Saban (5) Son born Gt Hallingbury
George Saban (4) Son born Gt Hallingbury
Emily Saban (1/2?) Daughter born Gt Hallingbury John Saban (Father) (77) Agricultural Pauper born Gt Hallingbury
Sarah Saban (Mother) (67) Agricultural Pauper born Stanstead
Daniel Saban (21) Brother Labourer born Little Hallingbury

Langthorn Street, West Ham (next door to the Holbrooks)

James Saban 26 Coal Porter born Hollingbury, Essex (should be Seabourn & Great Hallingbury)
Ellen Saban 20 born Straford, Essex
Emily Saban 3 born Stratford, Essex
Ellen Saban 1 born Startford, Essex

1861 Census

Cottage, Bartlow, Cambs

John Saban(39) Groom born Little Hallingbury
Lois Saban (37) Wife born Gt Hallingbury
John Saban (15) Son born Gt Hallingbury
George Saban (14) Son born Gt Hallingbury
Emily Saban (11) Daughter born Thoydon, Garnon, Essex
Walter Saban (4) born Heydon, Garnon, Essex
Arthur Saban (1) born Bartlow, Essex

7 Armfield Cottages, Plaistow

James Seaborne 36 Head Coal Dealer born Gt Hallingbury
Ellen Seaborne 30 born Stratford, Essex
Ellen A Seaborne 11 Scholar born Sratford, Essex
Sarah Seaborne 9 Scholar born Sratford, Essex
Emma Seaborne 7 Scholar born Stratford, Essex
Mary A Seaborne 5 Scholar born Stratford, Essex
James Seaborne 4 Scholar born Stratford, Essex
John Seaborne 2 Scholar born Stratford, Essex
Wm Seaborne 1m born Plaistow, Essex

1871 Census

10 Stanley Street, Plaistow

Ellen Seaborn 39 Head Widow Laundress born Stratford, Essex
Esther Seabourn 17 Laundress to mother born Stratford
James Seabourn 13 born Plaistow, Essex
William Seabourn 10 born Plaistow, Essex
Thomas Seabourn 7 born Plaistow, Essex
Charles Seabourn 4 born Plaistow, Essex

The Three Pigeons P.H., 12 Statford Green, Stratford Green (near Martha Seaborn 40 Widow at 9 Stratford Green)

Ellen A Seaborn 21 Servant Cook born West Ham, Essex
Mary A Seaborn 15 Servant Nurse-maid born West Ham, Essex

1881 Census

35 Anne Street, West Ham

Ellen M Robson (formerly Holbrook late Seabourn) Head 49 born Stratford, Essex
William Seabourne Son 20 Bricklayers Labourer Unemployed born Plaistow, Essex
Thomas A Seabourne Son 18 Bricklayers labourer Unemployed born Plaistow, Essex
Charles F J Seabourne Son 14 Bottle Labourer Cellarman born Plaistow, Essex
Ruth Robson Daughter 8 Scholar Canning Town, Essex

18 Kent Street, West Ham, Essex

James Seabourn Head General Labourer 23 born Plaistow, Essex
Elizabeth Seabourn Wife 23 born Bloomsbury, Middlesex
James Seabourn Son 11 months born Plaistow, Essex

18 Kent Street, West Ham, Essex

George Smith Head 25 Ag Lab born Plaistow, Essex
Mary A (Seabourn) Smith Wife 25 born Plaistow, Essex
Beatrice Smith Daughter 2 born Plaistow, Essex
George Smith Son 1 born Plaistow, Essex

1891 Census

42 Trinity Street, Canning Town (also see son Thomas below)

Ellen Maria (Born Holbrook formerly Seabourn) Robson, Widow Head 59 born Stratford
Charles Frederick Robson (formerly Seabourn) Son 25 born Stratford
James Porter Visitor 45 Yorkshire

42 Trinity St, West Ham (also see mother Ellen above)

Thos Arthur Seabourn Head age 27 Stevedore Docks born Plaistow
Sarah Lucy Seabourn Wife age 29 born Lambeth
Arthur George Seabourn Son age 5 born Canning Town
Edith Emily Victoria Seabourn Daughter age 3 born Canning Town
Fredk William Seabourn Son age 1 born Canning Town
Thomas Herbert Seabourn Son age 2 months born Canning Town

Prince Arthur, 33 Woodstock Street

James William Seabourn Head 33 Beer House Keeper born Plaistow, Essex
Elizabeth Maria Seabourn Wife 33 born Bloomsbury, Middx
James Alfred Seabourn Son 10 born Plaistow, Essex
Thomas Arthur Seabourn Son 8 born Plaistow, Essex
Florence Marion Seabourn Daughter 4 born Plaistow, Essex
Alice Rhoda Seabourn Daughter 6 mos born Plaistow, Essex
Amy Annie Johnson Domestic Servant 23 born Limehouse, Middx
Annie Corbett Domestic Servant 18 born Stepney, Middx

11 Seaton Street, Canning Town (William's sister Emma was living at no 20)

William Seabourne Head 30 Stevedore, Labourer Essex, Plaistow
Mary A Seabourne Wife 29 London, Poplar
William Seabourne Son 7 Essex, Plaistow
Mary A Seabourne Daughter 5 Essex, Plaistow
Margaret Sullivan, Widow Mother 60 London, Mile End

42 Trinity St, West Ham (also see mother Ellen above)

1901 Census

28 Denmark Street, West Ham

George Smith 45 Agricultual Labourer born Plaistow, Essex
Mary Ann (Seabourn) Smith Wife 45 born West Ham, Essex
George Wm Smith Son 21 Costermonger born Plaistow, Essex
Charles A Smith Son 17 Costermonger born Plaistow, Essex
Alice Elizabeth Smith Daughter 14 born Plaistow, Essex
Louis J Holbrook Boarder 60 Bricklayer's Labourer born West Ham, Essex

26 Kelland Road, West Ham

Benjamin Amos Head age 32 General Labourer born Derbyshire, Ilkeston
Mary Ann Amos (formerly Seabourne - see 1891 above) Wife age 39 born London, Poplar
William J Seabourn Son age 17 General Labourer born Essex, West Ham
Mary Ann Seabourn daughter age 14 born Essex, West Ham
Margaret Sullivan Grandmother Widow age 84 born Ireland

129 Green St, Bethnal Green

Thomas A Seaborne Head age 37 Beerhouse Keeper born Essex, Plaistow
Emily L Seaborne Wife age 39 born Essex, Canning Town
Arthur G Seaborne Son 15 born Essex, Canning Town
Edith Seaborne Daughter age 13 born Essex, Canning Town
Frederick Seaborne Son age 11 born Essex, Canning Town
Herbert Seaborne Son age 10 born Essex, Canning Town
Miriam Seaborne Daughter age 8 born Essex, Canning Town
Ernest Seaborne Son age 7 born London, Bethnal Green
James Seaborne Son age 5 born London, Bethnal Green
Gertrude Seaborne Daughter age 2 born London, Bethnal Green
George Seaborne Son age 1 born London, Bethnal Green

1911 Census

5 Upland Road, Plaistow

Thomas Seabourn Head age 47 Potman Licensed Victualler born Essex, Plaistow
Emily Seabourn Wife age 49 born Surrey, Lambeth
Arthur G Seaborne Son 15 born Essex, Canning Town
Thomas Seabourn Son age 20 Boiler & steam pipe coverer born Essex, Canning Town
Ernest Seaborne Son age 17 Labourer Gun manufacture born Essex, Canning Town
James Seaborne Son age 15 Messenger Fur Manufacturer born Middlesex, Bethnal Green
Gertrude Seaborne Daughter age 12 School born Middlesex, Bethnal Green
Ivy Seaborne Daughter age 5 School born Essex, Plaistow

120 Pelly Road, Plaistow

Charles James Motton Single age 59 Carpenter born Shoesmith, Kent
Elizabeth Marion Seabourn Widow age 54 Housekeeper born London
Herbert Seaborne Single age 18 Labourer born Canning Town, Essex

Colin Bower
9 January 2023

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