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Summary (Direct Ancestors are highlighted)

1841 Census

Henry & Harriet (formerly Brecht born Piper) Colvin & family
Josiah Meadowcroft (with his parents etc)

1851 Census

Henry & Harriet Colvin & Family

Pastor Ernest Brecht

1861 Census

Henry & Harriet Brecht (should be Colvin) & Family
George Frederick & Mary Ann (Walland) Brecht & family

1871 Census

George Frederick & Mary Ann Brecht (Walland) & family
William & Emily Colvin

1881 Census

George & Mary Ann (Walland)Brecht & family
George & Henerina (Oliver) Brecht & family
Amalie Brecht

1891 Census

George & Mary Ann (Walland) Brecht & family
George & Henrina (Oliver) Brecht & family
Henry & Harriet (Stone) Brecht Edward & Clara Brecht & Family (recorded by the enumerator as Bright in error)

1901 Census

William & Elizabeth Brecht & family
Frank Brecht
Edward & Clara Brecht
Christian Brecht
Charles & Hannah Brecht
Henerina (Oliver) Brecht (Widow) & family
George & Mary (Walland) Brecht & family
Arthur & Ellen (Saunders) Brecht
Albert & Jessie (Paxton) Brecht
Augustus & Elizabeth Brecht & family
Henry & Harriet (Stone) Brecht & family

1911 Census

see Brecht 1911

Brecht Family - Censuses 1911


1841 Census

Bonner Street, Green Street, Bethnal Green

Henry Colvin Head 25 Colour Manufacturer
Harriet (Brecht) Colvin Wife 35
Henry Colvin Son 11M
Catherine Brecht Step Daughter 15 Dress Maker
Caroline Brecht Step Daughter 15 Bonnet Maker
Rose Brecht Step Daughter 14
Elizabeth Brecht Step Daughter 12
Eleanor Brecht Step Daughter 10
Henry Brecht Step Son 8
Christiana Brecht Step Daughter 6
George Brecht Step Son 4

North side Astley Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire

Mary Meadowcroft 55 Independent
Robert Meadowcroft 30
Charles Meadowcroft 30 Coal Miner Journeyman
Josiah Meadowcroft 20 Coal Miner Journeyman
Eliza Meadowcroft 20
William Meadowcroft 15 Spindle Maker's Apprentice (ALL NOT BORN IN CHESHIRE)


Caroilne Brecht married Josiah Meadowcroft in 1848 - both shown above).

1851 Census

10/11 Mint Street, Southwark

Henry Colvin Head Victualler (age 40) born Midx, Bethnal Green
Harriet (Brecht) Colvin (born Piper) Wife (Age 46) Collar (Colour?) Maker born Middx, Bethnal Green
Henry (born and later died as Brecht) Colvin step son (age 20 ) Collar (Colour?) Maker born Middx, Bethnal Green
Elizabeth (born and later married as Brecht) Colvin step daughter (age 24) Seamstress born Middx, Spitalfields
George (born and later married as Brecht) Colvin step son (age 17) born Middx, Bethnal Green
Christiana (born and later married as Brecht) Colvin step daughter (age 16) Seamstress born Middx, Bethnal Green
Harriet Colvin daughter (age 10) born Middx, Bethnal Green
William Colvin son (age 5) born Middx, Whitechapel

Thomas King (age 24) a Brushmaker born Brentwood, Essex was also staying at 10/11 Mint Street and
who, it appears, became Elizabeth Brecht's husband in 1854.
In 1861 Thomas King, Weigher in Cutsoms and Elizabeth King were living in Everton, Liverp[ool

West Sculcoates, Hull

Brecht, Ernest (age 39) Head born Hannover, Germany
Brecht, Charlotte (age 28) Wife born Coburg, Germany

1861 Census

17 Wapping Wall, Shadwell (next to the George & Vulture)

Henry Brecht Head (48) Coffee House Keeper born Bethnal Green, Middx
Harriet Brecht Wife (53) born Newington, Surrey
Harriet Brecht Daughter (19) born Bethnal Green, Middx
Rosina Page Boarder (19) Dress Maker born Wapping, Middx
William Colvin Son (15) Briclayers Labourer born Whitechapel, Middx


Henry& Harriet had adopted Brecht (a name well-known in those parts) rather than use their married name Colvin. They were living near Harriet's son George Brecht
William Colvin was indexed in Find My Past as Calvin

102 High Street, Shadwell

George Brecht (age 24) Head Master Dairyman born Bethnal Green, Middx
Mary A. Brecht (age 22) Wife born Shadwell, Middx
George Brecht (age 3) Son Scholar born Ratclif, Middx
Edward Brecht (age 2) Son born Ratcliff, Middx
Mary A. Brecht (age 2 months)Daughter born Shadwell, Middx

1871 Census

2 Martha Street, Saint George in the East

George Brecht (age 40) Head House Painter born Bethnal Green
Mary Brecht (age 36) Wife born Shadwell, Middx
George Brecht (age 14) Son Works with father born Shadwell, Middx
Edward Brecht (age 11) Son Scholar born Shadwell, Middx
Mary Brecht (age 9) Daughter Scholar born Shadwell, Middx
Henry Brecht (age 7) Son Scholar born Shadwell, Middx
Margaret Brecht (age 5) Daughter Scholar born Shadwell, Middx
William Brecht (age 2) Son born Shadwell, Middx

24 Patterson Street, (Stepney) Mile End Old Town

William Colvin Head (26) Painter born Poplar, Middx
Emily Covin Wife (26) born Poplar, Middx

1881 Census

41 Burgess Street, Limehouse

George Brecht Head 43 Painter born London, Middlesex
Mary A. Brecht Wife 41 born London, Middlesex
Edward Brecht Son 22 Painter born London, Middlesex
Margaret Brecht Daughter 15 Scholar born London, Middlesex
William Brecht Son 13 Scholar born London, Middlesex
Charles Brecht Son 9 Scholar born London, Middlesex
Albert Brecht Son 7 Scholar born London, Middlesex
Arthur Brecht Son 4 Scholar born London, Middlesex
Walter Brecht Son 2 Scholar born London, Middlesex

84 Bloomfield Road, Mile End Old Town

George Brecht Head 24 Carpenter born Ratcliff, Middlesex
*Henrietta Brecht Wife 25 born Stepney, Middlesex
George Brecht Son 5 mos born Mile End Old Town, Middlesex

*should have been Henerina Brecht

Sandholm, Great Crosby, Lancashire

Amalie Brecht Visitor 18 born Germany
- staying with Sarah Ann Harding, Widow & family

1891 Census

165 Balaam Street, Plaistow

George Brecht Head 55 Painter born London, Spitalfields
*Marian Brecht Wife 52 Marine Store Keeper born London, Shadwell
William Brecht Son 21 Seaman born London, Shadwell
Charles Brecht Son 19 Dock Labourer born St Pancras
Albert Brecht Son 17? Dock Labourer born St Pancras
Arthur Brecht Son 15? Scholar born Bow
Walter Brecht Son 12 Scholar born Bow
John Brecht Son 9 Scholar born Bow

*Should have been Mary Ann Brecht

294 Grange Road, Plaistow

George Brecht Head 33 Carpenter born Ratcliff, Middx
Hetty (?) Brecht Wife 33 born Stepney, Middx
George Brecht Son 10 born Mile End, Middx
Oliver Brecht Son 9 born Plaistow, Essex
Rosseta Brecht Daughter 8 born Plaistow, Essex
Alfred Brecht Son 2 born Plaistow, Essex

366 Grange Road, Plaistow

Henry Brecht Head 26 Painter, Paper Hanger born Stepney, Middx
Harriet (?) Brecht Wife 22 born Islington
Rose E Brecht Dau 2 mos born Plaistow, Essex

11 Lee Street, Limehouse

Edward Bright (should be Brecht) Head Age 30 General Labourer born Shadwell, London
Clara Bright Wife Age 27 Sewing Machinest born Lambeth, London
Clara Bright Daughter Age 8 Scholar born Limehouse, London
George Bright Son Age 2 born Mile End, London

1901 Census

32 High Street, Poplar

William Brecht Head 31 Carman Greengrocer born London, Shadwell
Elizabeth Brecht Wife 32 born London, Mile End
Mary Victoria I Brecht Daughter 1 born London, Poplar

St Clement Danes, London

Frank Walter Brecht Visitor 27 Living on own means born America

15 Southill Street, Poplar

Edward Brecht Head 42 House Decorator born London, Shadwell
Clara Brecht Wife 38 born London, Walworth
Clara Brecht Daughter 18 Match Factory Girl born London, Limehouse
George Brecht Son 12 born London, Limehouse
Sidney Brecht Son 5 born London, Mile End
John Brecht Son 2 born London, Poplar
Frederick Brecht Son 9 born London, Limehouse

Salisbury House, Bury Street, Edmonton

Christian H Brecht 45 Visitor, Gentleman born Germany

11 Suffolk Road, West Ham

Sarah Hawkins, Widow 73 born Rotherhithe
Henry Hawkins, M Son 38 General Laborer born Poplar
Florence Hawkins, G.Daur. 12 born Plaistow
Charles Brecht, Head 30 House Painter born London, Paddington
Hannah Brecht, Wife 30 born London, Poplar

294 Grange Road, Plaistow

Henerina Brecht, Widow Head born London, Poplar
Oliver Brecht Son 19 Chemical Works Blower born Upton Park, Essex
Rosetta Brecht Daughter 15? Drapers Assistant born Plaistow, Essex
Alfred Brecht Son 11 born Plaistow, Essex

273 Barking Road, West Ham

George Brecht Head 66 General Dealer born London, Spitalfields
Mary Brecht Wife 64 born Essex, Stratford
Walter Brecht Son 21 Carpenter born London, Mile End
John Brecht Son 19 General Labourer born London, Mile End

48 Clarence Road, West Ham

Arthur Brecht Head 24 Carpenter born London, Limehouse
Ellen Brecht Wife 23 born Essex, Plaistow

39 Adams(?) Road, West Ham

Albert Brecht Head 26 House Painter born London, St Pancras
Jessie Brecht Wife 27 born London, Poplar

19 Canning Road, West Ham

Transcribed as BRAESHT in Ancestry!

Henry Brecht Foreman Painter (39) orn London, Stepney
Harriet Brecht (32) Wife born London, Islington
Rose Brecht Daughter (10) born Essex, West Ham
Beatrice Brecht Daughter (8) born Essex, West Ham
Harry Brecht (6) born Essex, West Ham
*Lucy (should be Ivy) Brecht Daughter (4) born Essex, West Ham
Eddie (should be Daughter Edie/Edith) Brecht (3) Son born Essex, West Ham

*I have a photo of my mother Doris Ivy Brecht with her cousin Ivy.

1 Carlisle Buildings, Bournemouth

Augustus Le Brecht Head 67 Retired Tailor London, St Pancras
Elizabeth Le Brecht Wife 58 born Bermuda, W Indies
William Le Brecht Son 20 Architects Pupil born France (British Subject)

1911 Census

see Brecht 1911

Brecht Family - Censuses 1911

1939 England & Wales Register

see Brecht Family 1939 Register

Brecht Family - 1939 Register

Colin Bower
27 January 2022

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