The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Parents & Grandparents in 1939 Census

Our Parents & Grandparents

We started 2019 with another look at the 1939 Register of England & Wales.

1939 Register

We had not looked up all of the entries for our parents and grandparents:

1939 Register - Our Parents

Lavender Road School, Enfield (Selected Fire Station written & bracketed in red)

Leonard S. Collier Married, Joiner & Shopfitter born 30.11.1909
A F S Fireman (see Note 1. below)

401 Carterhatch Lane, Enfield (the family home)

Phyllis M. Collier Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 6 June 1912

8 Ernest Grove, Beckenham (the family home)

Frederick Bower Married Electrician born 12.9.1910
Doris I Bower Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 15 March 1912
(my brother Don's name has been redacted under the 100 year rule)

1939 Register - Our Grandparents

19 King Edwards Road, Enfield (the family home)

Walter James Collier Married Fine Chemical Maker born 9 June 1862
Mary Collier Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 2.12.1869

80 Glenville Avenue, Enfield (the family home - see Note 2. below)

Arthur Hunt Married Retired born 1.7.1866
Eliza Hunt Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 11.4. 1870
Arthur E. Hunt Single Incapacitated born 11.3.1909

78 Clemence Street, Stepney (the family home - destroyed in the Blitz)

Ellen E.C.C. Brett Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 6.11.1877
Ellen G.E. Brett Single ?Receiving Office Manager born 27.6.1904
My grandmother Mrs Brett had lodgers.

18 Locksley Street, Stepney

Arthur Brett Married Carpenter & Joiner on Maintenance born 12.1.1878
(birth registered as 28.1.1877 -see Note 3. below)
My grandfather was staying with Percival & Winifred Wright.

My grandparents Arthur & Ellen Brecht had separated and had also adopted the surname Brett.

55 Dixon Street, Stepney (the family home - destroyed in the Blitz)

William Bower Married G.P.O. Retired born 23.10.1866 (see Note 3. below)
Charlotte Bower Married Unpaid Domestic Duties born 17.8.1876 (see Note 4. below)
Dorothy Bower Single Stockroom F.W. Woolworths born 18.6.1906 (see Note 5. below)
John Bower Single Clerk Despatch born 29.12.1912
Lily M. Bower Single Table Decorations C.W.S. born 10.4.1915
(a note is added in the column Married Watts)
Charlotte Johns Married Incapacitated born 10.7.1900
(a note is added in the column Married Green 20.11.1948)

There were some additional points of interest:

1. Chris' Dad, Len Collier, was away from the family home serving with the fire service, when the register was taken in 1939.

2. Arthur & Eliza Hunt were still at 80 Glenville Avenue, Enfield in 1946 per the Electoral Roll. (In 1918 they were living at 36 Glenville Avenue also per the Electoral Roll.)

3. There was the familiar problem with the calculation of dates of birth:

A. Arthur Brecht is recorded as being born 12.1.1878, whereas the birth was registered as 28.1.1877 (copy of birth certificate held).

B. William Bower was thought to have been born in 23.10.1867 per his Naval Record, but in 1939 it is given as 23.10.1866. We do not have his birth certificate or record of any christening.

4. Above the name Charlotte Bower a note has been added in pencil 15.8.76 BKA 2.3.49

5. Above the name Dorothy Bower a note has been added in pencil 18.6.09 BKA 4.3.49

6. I found out more about Uncle Reuben (John Reuben Hayes), Charlotte Bower's brother:

a. St Anne, Poole's Park, Islington

John Rueben Hayes b 27.1.1879 bp 16.3.1879
(Parents Henry Thomas Hayes, Bricklayer of 10 Avenue Road, Islington)

b. Joined Army Age 18

c. John Reuben Hayes married Lily Jones (Woolwich October 1905 Register)

d. 1911 Census, couple living in Sheffield

e. 1939 Register

65 Claverton St.Westminster

John R Hayes, Widower
born 27.1879 War Office Clerk

Colin Bower
23 January 2022

Other Relatives in 1939 Register

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