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Online Discussion 16 November 2020

Question 4 Does the decision to proceed with a 2-mile tunnel under Stonehenge, costing £1.7 billion against the recommendations of planning officials,expose the reality that politicians will steamroll regardless of the consequences?


Our answers tended to look at the desirability of the tunnel rather than why the Government opted for one.

1. Yes. They pay experts for their expertise, ignore it, and then propose to waste money.

2. Experts again.

As a World Heritage Site, Stonehenge deserves a suitable setting whilst providing access.

The decision on what to with the nearby main road has been kicked into the long grass for years and years. Infrastructure projects are a priority during a recession. So in a way you can understand, "Let's get Stonehenge done",  is attractive.

I have not read the findings of the report but a tunnel would normally be a logical plan. But it would be a shame that people travelling on the main road lose sight of the landmark. Also there is an enormous amount of important archeology to be developed and hopefully the areas of scientific interest would not be disturbed.

3. Don't mess around at all for any reason. It is an important part of our history; don't undermine the ground.

4. Letter to the Daily Mail 20 Nov:
"I welcome the news that a tunnel for the A303 is to be constructed to reduce the traffic bottle neck. However, I think it was daft to build Stonehendge so close to the road in the first place!"
Brian Cooke, New Milton, Hants (sounds like he would be a useful addtion to the Discussion Group)

5. Proceeding with the tunnel simply reinforces the belief that politicians will do what they want regardless of professional and expert advice, (ditto the inquiry into the bullying by Priti Useless). What is the point of appointing and paying for the outsourcing of a task if you are simply going to override it if you disagree with the conclusions.

However some minister will have the satisfaction of having his / her name engraved on a plaque.

In these times of Covid and the consequent huge borrowing this is a vanity project and an extravagence, where the cost is vastly disproportionate to the benefit.

6. Yes it does. At the end of the day the Government is not worried about the impact on the world heritage site, the future of rare nesting birds or local people who want to preserve their environment.

They are more sympathetic to Londoners who would want a fast drive to Cornwall,and the short term jobs provided by the construction of the tunnel.

7. Don't think a Government is free to do what it like. Decisions are subject to review.

Thought that a tunnel would cost more.

Colin Bower
29 November 2020

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