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New Milton Discussion Group

Online Discussion 16 November 2020

I have received a number of questions and I have selected the following:

1.According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, more people in England now consider themselves British rather than English. Do you?

British or English

2.Is it right that residents in care homes are, in effect, imprisoned during the lockdown?

Care Home Resident

3.With such low interest rates, where is the best place to keep your money?

Where to keep your money

4. Does the decision to proceed with a 2-mile tunnel under Stonehenge, costing £1.7 billion against the recommendations of planning officials, expose the reality that politicians will steamroll regardless of the consequences?

Stonehenge Tunnel

5.Should celebrities become involved in politics?

Celebrities in Politics

Please submit your answers by Tuesday 1 December, when we will be holding a Zoom Meeting to discuss these questions.

As before, I will try to publish the answers I receive in my website as they are received, so that you can see what others are saying.

I appreciate that not everyone can answer Question 1 but for those that can do have a go and phone if you wish.

Colin Bower
29 November 2020

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