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Online Discussion 16 November 2020

Question 1.According to the British Social Attitudes Survey, more people in England now consider themselves British rather than English. Do you?


I should have put a third option of British and English which some people preferred.

Still the answers to the question may be summarised.

Consider themselves British rather than English: 2

Consider themselves English rather than British: 4


1. I definitely consider myself as being English. and when asked always say so.I was born in England. although, I know were a mixture of Saxons etc etc.......After that I am British.

2. On official forms, we are usuallyt given one choice...British, which is fair enough.

On the internet, we are only offered United Kingdom as our "country", though the UK is a Union of 4 countries.

I was born in England and consider this my country and I am English.

3. I would treat the results of this survey with scepticism as we are witnessing a resurgence of English nationalism. If it is in fact correct then I would attribute it to the fact that English people see being English and British as synonymous as they constitute the overwhelming majority in Great Britain and they are happy for bScots and Welsh to be included if that increases British influence and power.

I have yet to meet a Scot or Welsh person who regards him or herself as British as they are proud of their Scottish and Welsh heritage.

The term British is a totally artificial one as to qualify a person would have to be a composite of being English, Scottish and Welsh with all 3 nations traits and characteristics and such a person simply does not exist.

As a member of human kind and having lived and worked in 4 countries on 3 continents I consider myself first and foremost a global citizen, European second and lastly Irish.

4. I consider myself to be both, but I feel more English than British, probably because, apart from military service, I have never lived in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

I feel a connection with all countries of the UK because I have friends who are from Northern Ireland, relatives in Wales and Scotland, and I have worked in all of these areas.

5. British then English.

We are a mongrel race inhabiting little islands.

Colin Bower
29 November 2020

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