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Online Discussion 16 November 2020

Question 2 Is it right that residents in care homes are, in effect, imprisoned during the lockdown?


We agreed it was difficult with such an infectious disease but we shoulkd do all that we could for people to at least see and talk to their loved ones.

1. Yes, considering you pay to go in willingly, no one has to hold you against your will, especially if you have support medically from a family member.and doctor.

2. Agree with the above but the care home is often the best place for many old and young residents.

It is a dilemma. We have to keep coronavirus out of care homes (and stop care homes adding to transmission) which mena restricting visitors.

People have done their best with phone and video calls.

But the impact on many is heart-breaking whether for elderly residents who have dementia and young children with learning difficulties.

As a minimum, care homes should be able to use screens and PPE so that people can see loved ones. But even this may confuse residents.

Taking temperatures and rapid testing of visitiors would help but physical contact carries risk. It is a worldwide contagious pandemic.

3. Depends on age& health. Residents could walk for exercise accompanied by a member or the care home staff.

4. No they should be allowed outside to benefit from fresh air and perhaps in that way be able to see and communicate with their loved ones and family.

5. Yes, but only because there is no other choice, if their lives are to be protected.

Care homes have legal responsibility for residents’ safety at all times, and they are more concerned about keeping non - residents out of care homes than keeping the residents in.

It is a desperate situation for most, who are nearing the end of their lives in isolation and fear.

The only option I can think of, for those who cannot bear the situation, could be to discharge residents into the permanent care of their family, with the next of kin signing a disclaimer, absolving the care home of any further responsibility.

This would only be possible for those who could afford 24/7 care for their elderly relative at home, and would be a ‘nightmare’ procedure to obtain permission to do so.

6. Covid-19 has proved difficult. It doesn't come with any instructions.

We have done our best on the information available at the time. Like the plague (fleas), it is easier when you know what you are dealing with.

Because we didn't realise how infectious it was, we were caught on the hop.

Also it was unusual that it avoided children, didn't reallyt affect the young but affected the elderly& ethic minorities.

The lockdwon was draconian. First time in history the economy has been shut down to beat a virus.

Colin Bower
27 November 2020

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