The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

New Milton Discussion Group

Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

May's Questions

Members of the Group were invited to answer the following questions by phone, e-mail or at a Zoom Meeting:

Question 1. Given:

- We currently have a membership of 18
- Meetings of the full Discussion Group in Room 1 are crowded and uncomfortable
- We are unable to recruit any new members

Should we split into 2 groups and meet, on different days in Room 1?

If so, how would you like to see the 2 groups run?

Should we split the Group into two?

Question 2. Denise Coates, CEO of Bet 365 paid herself £469 million last year. Is anyone really worth that much?

Is the CEO of Bet365 worth a salary of £469m?

Question 3. What are the advantages and benefits of the New Milton Neighbourhood Plan, that we are asked to vote on, on Thursday 6 May?

What are the advantages& benefits of the Neighbourhood Plan?

Question 4. Has informality gone too far?

Has informality gone to far?

Colin Bower
12 May 2021

Discussions 2021

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