The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

New Milton Discussion Group

March Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

I received 4 questions (and some for April!):

1. In 2020, 67% of men, 60% of women and 20% of Year 6 children in the UK were overweight or obese. How do we improve this?

How to lessen Overweight and Obesity

2. Will the Salmond v Sturgeon case affect any Independence Referendum?

Should the UK Parliament accept the outcome of a referendum held by the Scottish Parliament?

Should we recognise Scottish Parliament's Referendum?

3. What are the benefits of a Less Cash Society and what would the benefits of a Cashless Society be?

Benefits of Less Cash Society and Cashless Society

4. Pilotless planes are being considered for the future. Would you fly in one?

Would you fly on a pilotless plane?

We held a Zoom Meeting on Tuesday 16 March:

Zoom Meeting 16 March 2021

Colin Bower
17 March 2021

Discussions 2021

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