The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

New Milton Discussion Group

Zoom Meeting Tuesday 21 January 2021

Eight of us tackled 5 set questions (and others that were not!) in about an hour and a quarter.

Some of the main views and comments were:

Question 1. Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year?


Many people make resolutions concerning eating (less and more healthy) and exercise (more). None of us did!

One member made a resolution not to make any resolutions and another to enjoy life after Covid.

Two members were working on projects (one new, one old!)

Question 2. What reasons do people have against having anti-Covid 19 vaccines?


Lack of sufficient education/communications
Community beliefs
Non-Belief in the science (vaccines rushed)
Lack of efficaciousness following change from 3 weeks to 12 weeks for second jab
Lack of trust in Government
Conspiracy theories/misinformation
Fear of needles including flu jab
Valid medical reasons

Despite the above, it was thought that take-up would be high.

In other countries, there might be greater mistrust in Governments.

Whereas the UK Government had shown good leadership on vaccines, the US were playing catch-up, where there had been a lack of leadership and widespread denial.

Question 3. How will individual households afford to replace gas boilers and cookers, in the near future, as well as buying electric cars?


We thought that though there was pressure to build affordable housing, particularly for younger people, we needed new houses to have sustainable/green features like insulation and solar panels.

We needed domestic electrical products to be cheaper and it was hoped that there would be more demand/production to bring prices down.

Nonetheless, we thought that some people would not be able to afford all of the new technologies unless there were Government subsidies or loans.

We thought that the mass introduction of electric cars was definitely coming but that technological development was needed.

The Government had set an ambitious target (perhaps to concentrate minds) even though the infrastructure was not there yet.

Industry was working on solutions including using solar/windfarm energy to produce hydrogen which could run electrical generators.

Question 4. Will the US be closer to Britain under Joe Biden?

We took an additional topical question.


We thought that we had to appreciate that Joe Biden had enough bridges of his own rather than worry about the “special relationship”.

The value of the relationship was questioned but we still had cultural and historical links between us.

As an Irish-American Catholic with roots in Northern Ireland, Joe Biden has expressed an interest in peace being maintained on the island of Ireland and didn’t want to see any change that would threaten peace.

We thought that the US would have a more outward/world view particularly as Biden is a former Vice-President and is picking many former Obama Government appointees.

Question 5. Should Jimmy Greaves have been knighted?


He received an MBE like some of the other members of the World Cup winning team.

Though we agreed that the honours system did not always reward the right people, it was good to see Jimmy Greaves honoured albeit a bit late in the day.

He did not appear to have been involved in charity work, so a knighthood did not appear to be warranted.

Though long ago, he was an amazing footballer and deserved his award, perhaps though a sympathetic gesture to someone suffering ill-health.

Colin Bower
21 January 2021

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