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New Milton Discussion Group

January Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

With the turmoil of 2020, it is hard to think of new questions but some non-Brexit questions have stood out:

Question 1.Did you make New Year’s Resolutions this year?


1. I decided against making any New Year resolutions this year.

2.I don’t make New Years resolutions. I think it’s the wrong time of year. Spring much easier to start something with determination.

3. No. I don't make them

Many people have a wish list (or the dreadfully-worded bucket list). Each year you have the opportunity to see if actions can be taken to achieve a long-held aim.

Difficult to come up with anything in the middle of a pandemic but getting back to a project started some years ago.

There was one small thought. As a family historian, I was hoping to access the 1921 Census (now published 100 years later) but the contents will not be made available online until 2022
(the physical Census is available for inspection at the National Archives)

4. One journalist has written that he has had the same resolutions (and broken them) for years and has decided it is pointless to make them again this year!

But see views of 6 other journalists in Note below.

5. A letter to an Editor:

"My New Year's resolution is to put an end to apathy. When will I start?
Who Cares?"

6. YES, but not too ambitious, and without specific targets which tend to demotivate me.

Achieving a healthy weight and staying fit is my objective, but instead of setting a weight loss goal of 1.5 stones combined with walking 4 miles per day, which would be great, my resolution is simply to ‘walk every day’. That way I won’t be starving myself and jumping on the scales every day. If I am feeling good I can walk 5 miles, and if not, I can walk 2 miles.

Hopefully, the swimming pools will return to normal eventually, and then I can get back to swimming for half an hour, 2 or 3 times a week. I prefer to treat it as a ‘from now onwards’ resolution rather than a ‘new years’.

7. No, but nearing completion of a longheld aim

8. No. Didn't think of it.

9. Too Old...Lost Faith in ability to actually do what I resolve!

10. Yes, to be extremely grateful once we are back to normal (if we are) for the life I once had.

11. Zoom Meeting 21 January

Many people make resolutions concerning eating (less and more healthy) and exercise (more). None of us did!

One member made a resolution not to make any resolutions and another to enjoy life after Covid.

Two members were working on projects (one new, one old!)


The theme of New Year Resolutions was the subject of an article in the January edition of the Saga Magazine

Six contributors to the Magazine gave their resolutions particularly to improve healthy eating and exercise.

Individual contributions were:

1. Not keen on New Year's Resolutions

Too easy to plan changes but so much harder to maintain.

Best past resolution: To listen more and speak less!

This years: To be able to pick things up off the floor without groaning!

2. Worst past resolution: To eat and drink the same as always, but half.

Didn't last. Drove my husband insane. "No. I don't want toi eat half of your banana"!

Best past resolution: Meeting up with someone to end/resolve a difficult/longstanding situation/issue.

This year: to see as much as I can of loved ones.

3. Have made resolutions and (positive) predictions for over 50 years.

Predicted England winning the World Cup in 1966 but did not work in the other years!

Worst resolution (same every year): No drinking for a month.

4. Best resolution: Stopped smoking

Worst resolution: To learn to play the piano. (started in 1972 and has reached Level 2!)

5. Best resolution: To buy a house in Italy. Didn't, but have visited Italy several times.

This year's resolution: To learn Italian properly

6. Threw themselves into diet and exercise. Gave up, as all they could think and talk about was food and their fitness regime!

This year's resolution: To get outside more and exercise, with my dog

- good for the dog and owner
- easier to stick with it if you do it with a pet you love

Colin Bower
21 January 2021

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