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Questions 4. Google is planning to produce worker robots with personalities. The technology giant recently won a patent for the ambitious project. Engineers will enable the machines to download personalities from a cloud-based system. The robots have the capacity to store and display multiple personalities when interacting with humans.
Do you like the idea of having a worker robot in your home?

As before, please let me have your answers in the next 2 weeks, i.e. by 12 February and we will try for a Zoom Meeting shortly afterwards.

If you would prefer to give your answers over the phone, do let me know. If you want to wait until the Zoom Meeting that is fine too. I will publish answers as they come in so that you can see what other people are saying.


1. It's a good idea. Wouldn't want to burden yourself with someone you don't like.

More artificial intelleigence is going to come.

Good for lonely people to have someone/thing (a bunch of wires!)to talk to, particularly if it talks back.

A facility like Alexa is good as it is (stores preferences) but there are limitations, e.g a robot could take on jobs around the house

2. Not yet, but definitely a great idea for the disabled, and for elderly people who can no longer cope with physical tasks around and outside their homes.

Whether they will be affordable is another matter.

3. Not seen the need for a worker robot yet but appreciate that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to be even more important than it already is.

Having seen a car production plant with robots performing a remarkable but limited range of tasks (set by humans), it is difficlt to think that a robot might go on a go-slow because it feesl off-colour!

The robots took on a lot of the drudge but some of the work was still undertaken by humans.

Perhaps the scientists have in mind the facility for us to choose which personality the robot might have to suit our own mood.

We wouldn't always want a robot that is strict the whole time or sarcastic at human frailty.

Many computer programs hace bugs and I hope that there would be the means to go back to factory settings!

4. I don't think I would like a worker robot at home.

Colin Bower
10 February 2021

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