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Question 2. Does a GCSE or A-Level qualification have more value if it includes an independent assessment?

As before, please let me have your answers in the next 2 weeks, i.e. by 12 February and we will try for a Zoom Meeting shortly afterwards.

If you would prefer to give your answers over the phone, do let me know. If you want to wait until the Zoom Meeting that is fine too. I will publish answers as they come in so that you can see what other people are saying.


1. Are problems because of coronavirus.

With less time spent at school, it could be that universities may have to do more in the Ist year to help students catch up.

Normally good that exams are centralised so that there is a standard paper and marking plan.

Never perfect. Heard of instances where A level grades not achieved because teachers have not covered certain subject matter.

2. The Pandemic has thrown up problems with our 2 most importnat qualificatuons.

There is pressure to provide sufficient school time so that pupils are prepared to sit externally set and marked exams. Last year exams were replaced by internal assessments. This year there will be external exams but the allocation of grades may have to be relaxed.

Presumably universities will want to look at what a qualification represents as part of their own assessments when recruiting students.

Some employers may look at the years when qualifications were obtained but it is probably too complex for them.

For all concerned,a qualification should be meaningful
i.e. depending on how much school time is available, a qualification may be given for:

1. School work continually-assessed and exams set and marked internally

2. 1. above plus exams, externally moderated

3. 1-2. above plus an exam set externally and marked internally

4. 1-3 above plus external marking

1. above does have the risk of parent involvement and exams being too easy

2-4 all provide improvements and more consistency

I like the idea of some school work contributing to the qualification rather than an exam used 100%, though I appreciate that this makes the administration of qualifications more complex and time-consuming than it already is

5. I'm not sure how employers will look at qualifications with an exam not having been taken.

Some may consider an independent assessment not as good.

Colin Bower
10 February 2021

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