The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

New Milton Discussion Group

April Discussions/Zoom Meeting

Another 4 questions are down for discussion in April.

1. Why are presenters like Piers Morgan popular?

Why Piers Morgan is popular

2. A. Is the right to peaceful protest under threat?

B. How should mass gatherings/protests (lawful and unlawful) be policed?

How peaceful andmass gatherings/protests should be policed

3. It is 60 years since National Service ended. Should some form of national community service be brought in and in what form?

Whether some form of National Community Service should be introduced

4. What are the benefits of Freeports?

What benefits of Freeports are

Meetings Outdoors/Zoom Meeting

Meetings outdoors are planned but if the weather is inclement a Zoom Meeting will be held.

Colin Bower
1 April 2021

Discussions 2021

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