The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Discussion Group

General/Timeless Questions for Debate

The online debates started with an original list of general/timeless questions to which members of the Group have added new questions:

New Subjects for Debate

1. Should people be selected on merit rather than diversity?

2. Have we faced up to our colonial past?

3. Is prosperity more important than morality?

4. Are there any circumstances when torture is justified?

Remaining Original Questions for Debate

1. Should serving MPs be prevented from having second jobs or directorships of companies?

2. Should former “armed service” personnel be given preferential treatment to access jobs and accommodation?

3. Should the UK Human Rights Act exclude those convicted of serious crimes against humans?

4. Should our utilities be re-nationalised?

5.Should we reintroduce national service?

6.Would a coalition government ever work in this country?

7. Should we legislate against shooting birds for sport?

Colin Bower
29 May 2020

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