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The feedback on Debate 1 has been summarised:

Debate 1 - Future of the Discussion Group

The feedback on Debate 2 has been summarised:

Debate 2- Do we need an elite?

The feedback on Debate 3 has been summarised:

Debate 3 - In hindsight, have the Government communications on coronavirus been clear enough?

The feedback on Debate 4 has been summarised:

Debate 4 - Can you teach common sense?

The feedback on Debates 5A and 5B has been summarised:

Debate 5A- Has the worldwide web been a force for good?

Debate 5B - Should we blame China for the spread of the pandemic?

The feedback on Debate 6 was in three parts:

Debate 6A- What are you most looking forward to when it is all over?

Debate 6B- Is there such a thing as Society?

Debate 6C Should the negotiations for Brexit be delayed?

The feedback on Debate 7 was in three parts:

Debate 7A- Qualities required by the Prime Minister or First Minister

Debate 7B- Whether large infrastructure projects should go ahead in view of climate change

Debate 7C - Whether schools and universities should be the first to exit the lockdown

The feedback on Debate 8 was in three parts:>

Debate 8A- Whether Bernie Ecclestone was too old to be a Dad

Debate 8B- Should the media report on Harry & Meghan when they are in the USA?

Debate 8C - Lessons learnt from the pandemic

The feedback on Debate 9 was in three parts:

Debate 9A- Why was Captain Tom so popular?

Debate 9B- Should the Newcastle United Takeover by the Saudi authorities be allowed?

Debate 9C - What Questions would you like to ask atone of the Daily Press Briefings?

The feedback on Debate 10 was in five parts:

Debate 10A- What contributions has Britain made to the World?

Debate 10B- Should the House of Lords be moved from London to York or Birmingham?

Debate 10C - Whether there should be a new minimum age of 16

Debate 10D - Whether there should be a new maximum age of 80

Debate 10E- Whether voting should be compulsory

The feedback on Debate 11 was in five parts:

Debate 11A - How our High Street could recover

Debate 11B - New facilities & activities for our Town

Debate 11C - Children's Names to be avoided

Debate 11D - Whether everone is "alert" to the changes in Government guidelines

Debate 11E - Whether these changes are workable & enforceable

Colin Bower
30 May 2020

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