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Debate 6A What are you most looking forward to doing when this is all over?

I know that debates are not everyone’s cup of tea, so this week I have added 6a as a lighter “Discussion Group” type question.


6a What are you most looking forward to doing when this is all over?

If you want to reply to just this question, great.


1. Meeting up with the Discussion Group at the Community Centre again! (and taking back a pile of books that is building up!)

Going out with friends for a meal.

Going for a walk more than once a day!

2. Getting back to normal

3. Just want to see the country return to normal and live a bit longer.

4. • Getting behind the wheel of the car and driving anywhere I want. In normal circumstances it is often a ‘chore’ to be endured, to get from A to B, but it makes me realise how much of an essential, and sometimes enjoyable, part of my life, driving is.

• Getting away for a break and a change of scenery.

• Catching up with those people I normally enjoy meeting, without treating them as if they have the plague.

• Getting back to my outdoor hobby, which is a really important part of my life.

5. Spend time catching up with family and friends, see live theatre, play tennis, squash, table-tennis and go to the gym.

In the meantime content myself with swimming in the sea.

6. The thing I am looking forward to most is meeting up with my sons and their families.

7. Meeting up with friends. Nice to have contact using Face Time but it's not the same.

8. Going out when and where I want to and meeting people again.

9. Most looking forward to meeting people and going for a coffee. I do think people will be reluctant to mix too quickly.

10. Talk one to one with my friends.

Review of Week

10 replies this week which is really good.

Not surprisingly, people missed meeting up with friends and family, others exercise, leisure & social pursuits and hobbies.

No one listed shopping!

Dave says he has missed the night life in New Milton.

Colin Bower
18 April 2020

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