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Debate 6B Is there such a thing as Society

For those who have contributed to the Debates, there are 2 more 6b and 6c this week.

As before, please answer Yes, No or Undecided for each. Vote first if you like.

If possible, please submit one or two sentences to explain why you have voted the way you have.

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6b Is there such a thing as Society?



Comments & Views

1. Margaret Thatcher said No (but my brother said that is not quite what she said!) and Boris says Yes.

Yes - though it is not a word that I would use but others do. I would tend to talk about the general or wider public, the people or the people in the country, nation or community (e.g. the current community spirit).

Different countries in the UK and regions in England would probably have their own views.

2. Yes - There is such a thing as society because the word is in the dictionary. Society refers to smaller / medium groups.

Society applies more to the upper class than the general public.

3. YES. ‘Society’ exists, and is defined as ‘human beings being together’.

There is the wider society, such as that within the whole country, very much divided by class, inequality, privilege, money, status etc., which is beyond our control.

There are also smaller societies, made up of people joining together to enjoy a common interest, Lymington Choral Society, Southampton Shooting Society to name two examples, and of course our own discussion group, despite the fact that it is not called a ‘society’.

4. Yes - A famous former prime minister once said that there is no such thing as society, just individuals.

We are social beings and our lives are bound up with that of others and our well being depends on it. as we are interdependent. The only time we operate as a society is during a crisis such as at present because even the dumbest recognise that a first class cabin does not protect you if the ship sinks.

However just as after the 2nd world war, we soon forget as we revert to the norm. There should be no return to the normal because the normal is the problem in the first place. The poor and weak are still weak and poor and the rich and powerful are still powerful. and rich. But this crisis demonstrated that it wasn't the Managing Directors or Chief Executive Officers that rescued us but the humble delivery driver, cashier, shelf stacker,, hospital cleaner, nurses and doctors. All of them should now be considered public servants from now on. ,

5. Yes. I think there is such a thing a society and it is being especially proved now by most people’s actions. Social distancing, volunteering and the Thursday clap of appreciation.

6. Yes - but it depends what you mean by Society.

If you mean the class system, I don't believe in it. People should take people as they are.

7. Yes. If society means community, we are seeing plenty of examples of this in action at present.

8. I would think the definition of society would be a group of people gathered together for a common purpose, human beings all at the basic level all have a common purpose, that of survival.

If this is true then there must be such a thing as society.

Despite what Maggie Thatcher said. The coming together during this present emergency with bear this out.

Review of Week

10 contributions this week. Many thanks.

All agreed!

The term "Society" has come into its own during the pandemic.

Whereas we have tended to talk about our "country" (meaning the UK), Society seems to refer to everyone, the virus affecting us all and our collective response to it.

Long may the community spirit last.

Colin Bower
18 April 2020

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