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Debate 9C Downing Street are now inviting coronavirus-related questions from the public for their daily press briefings. What question would you like to ask (one only please) and to whom?

Please let me have your answers by Friday.

I put your responses in my website as soon as possible after they are received, so you can see what other people are saying.

Questions submitted

1. Would like to ask the PM - Why didn't the Government act earlier?

e.g. we are talking about closing the airports or quarantining sometime this month when other countries have already been doing that for nearly 2 months.

2. A question for the Prime Minister: “You and the Government are to be applauded for the progress we are now making to tackle the coronavirus.

However, will you acknowledge, without blaming scientific models, that, as a result of your failure to act proactively and quickly, to take appropriate action at least one month earlier, our death toll is far higher than it needed to be?”

3. For the NHS - How many residents of care homes were transferred to hospital and how many survived in hospital?

4. Question to the Health Secretary. Could we move coronavirus patients to certain hospitals (maybe Nightingale) and free other hospitals to return to normal without fear of contagion?

5-6. Why has the virus effected people so differently?

7. Given that the environment has benefited from the reduction in air and noise pollution
will the Government act to ensure that some of these benefits continue post lockdown?

8. One for the Defence recent weeks much has been made of the support from the regular Army, due to the a succession of cuts in the defence budget,

do the units concerned have sufficient resources to offer support in the future?

9. A question for all of them: “How do you face the public and the press ‘day after day’, listening to the same questions repeatedly, without answering them properly?"

10. To the PM

Given that the WHO issued a report to all governments at the end of January warning of the serious threat posed by Covid 19,

why did the government massively underestimate the gravity (you missed the first 5 COBRA meetings to deal with the pandemic) and handle the earliest stages negligently and

go missing in action for all of February and the first half of March,

with a shambles of mixed messaging, poor organisation and complacent attitude that ensured late lockdown, late testing, tracing and inadequate provision of PPE

that has resulted in the highest casualty rate in Europe and 2nd globally only to the USA?

11. With international travel and viral transmission why have we not had checks/tests at airports/ports from the beginning.

If tests were/are positive 14 days quarantine at designated nearby hotels?

12. Are the hour’s daily bulletin really a good idea?

Once or twice a week would be better and stop some of the reporting that frankly is often more than what was actually said.

13. To the Government's Chief Statistician - What is:

- the total population of the world and
- the total world number of recorded CV-19 cases and
- the total world number of deaths as a percentage. Then
- the total number of world CV deaths for the over 65s, with underlying health issues, as a percentage?

Review of Week

13 responses. Really good again

A number of people would have liked to ask why actions were not taken earlier.

Lack of provision of adequate resources was another.

At the time of our debate, another question was about action not taken at all, e.g. testing etc at airports.

Any subsequent Public Inquiry should prove very embarrassing for the Government, e.g. deaths of the very people that were supposed to be shielded and their carers.

And it is far from over yet.

Colin Bower
8 May 2020

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