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Debate 7A What qualities (max 6) should we look for in a Prime Minister or First Minister?

This is one of our discussion qusetions without a vote.

As with Debate 6, do reply to one or more of the questions by Friday.

I list your replies on a no names basis in my website:
So you can always look at what others are saying before you reply.


What qualities (max 6) should we look for in a Prime Minister or First Minister?


1. strong leadership and dedication

2.- decisive
- a leader who listens to other people's views.
- a good communicator and
- a good delegator.

3.- proactive decision maker
- ability to inspire and delegate
- honesty and
- excellent interpersonal skills.

4. - Good Manager/Decision-maker
- Confident/Good communicator
- Well-educated/clever
- Truthful/trustworthy
- Able (e.g. knows their stuff, able to sell policies and stand up to PMQs and the media)
- Positive leader/Backing Britain
- Ministerial experience

5. - Be decisive but flexible.
- Ability to read documents thoroughly and analyse them.
- Delegate responsibly.
- Recognise genuine talent and promote it.
- Honesty.
- Good communicator.
- Be able to command genuine respect.

6. - Honesty / transparency
- strong leadership by example
- proactive management
- selflessness
- statesmanship and
- ‘real life’ experience should be standard criteria for a prime minister.

7. - Decision-making
- Good at making the point
- Someone who can delegate

8-9. - Patriotism
- Honesty
- Charisma
- Experience

10. - Good leadership
- consistency
- honesty
- reliability
- approachability and
- being understanding of other peoples’ situations

11. - Successful
- Walks the walk as well as talks the talk
- principled
- has appeal
- political nous
- shows good judgement
- ability to see/plan the future

12. - Age 55.
- Imposing build.
- Good clear speaker.
- Broad political experience.
- Confident attitude.
- Talks sense
- good decision making.
- Able to mix and talk to all levels of public.
- Genial and demonstrates warmth.

13. - The most important quality is honesty,

- to be a man of conviction but at the same time,

- have an open mind and

- to listen to other view points.

- The ability to admit they get things wrong. (This paragon of virtue doesn’t exist but we can always hope!)

Review of Week

13 responses this week which is the most so far!

The answers you have come up with is quite something. We have in effect come up with an identikit for the next Prime Minister or First Minister!

The Top 6 most popular qualities were:

Good Decision Maker
Good Communicator
Good Leader
Good Delegator
Experienced includin Real Life Experience & Broad/Ministerial Experience

Interestingly, the some 75 qualities that we have identified tend to fall into 4 categories:

Good Manager/Leader


Education & Experience

Ability & Skills

Great stuff!

Colin Bower
25 April 2020

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