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Debate 9B Should the Crown Prince and the Saudi Arabia authorities, with their appalling human rights record and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, be allowed to buy Newcastle United football club?

For Question 9B please answer Yes, No or Undecided and add a sentence or two to explain why you have voted the way you have.

Please let me have your answers by Friday.

I put your responses in my website as soon as possible after they are received, so you can see what other people are saying.




1. No - shouldn't be allowed

2. YES, the Saudi Arabia authorities should be allowed to buy Newcastle United Football Club.

We are in no position to take the moral high ground over the purchase of a football club, which is nothing more than a ‘business’.

The Saudi Arabians buy property in London, and we sell ‘arms’ to them.

Unfortunately, football is no longer a ‘sport’. The clubs are businesses, existing to make money and the players are simply business ‘entities’.

3. No – other parties might be willing to buy the club

Sport should be free of controversy if possible

Shame of it is that the club deserve a new direction after the Ashley years. Fanatical supporters who want success but will still support the club through thick and thin.

Not the only dubious investment in the English game.

Could be repercussions if we say no, but we have close links through the Royal Family & trade but it is their own fault.

It is another reminder how the whole structure of football is problematic (too much money involved, too many matches, too much TV, too many foreign players & coaches/difficult to bring on home-grown talent)

4. No. A Newcastle United supporter might disagree but morally it is wrong although morals sometimes disappear in business.

Perhaps if crazy salaries were cut in football, local businessmen could afford to run clubs as in the past.

5-6. Yes should be allowed.

As a country we sell arm to SA. Can’t cherry pick.

7. Ethically no they shouldn’t but also we shouldn’t be trading with them so how can you stop them buying a football club.

There are many other morally questionable sports club owners.

8. should be pointed out to them , that it is not in the National interest for another of our football clubs to fall into foreign hands,

this could be sold as fundamental change of policy.

9. No definitely not!

We don’t own much in our own country as it is, and with Saudi Arabia’s awful human rights record they should not be allowed to buy an English Football Club.

10. Absolutely not. The premier league only prevents someone if they have been convicted of a criminal offence

There is no chance of Mohamed Bin Salman, de facto leader of Saudi being tried for anything in his own country.

Premier Leagues's record poor in this regard.

Allowed ex-Prime Minister of Thailand to buy Man.City in 2007 even though facing charges of corruption and human rights abuses. He had to sell a year later after being found guilty.

Carson Yeoung bought Birmingham even though facing money laundering charges. Had to sell after being convicted.

Appreciate that some people will say that we will jeopardise arms sales to Saudi.

We are vicariously liable for the deaths of innocent children in Yemen being bombed from the air by Saudi.

Are we seriously saying that we can be bought and sleep peacefully at night knowing the carnage the arms trade is doing.

How would UK feel if we were being bombed by another country with arms supplied by a 3rd country?

11. The Saudi football deal is a serious overlook, when a wealthy British owner can give this game some British discipline on the pitch.

12. No - however politically and in business, economics and ethics are uncomfortable bedfellows.

A word of warning to Newcastle chairman and manager: if the season is going badly do not visit the consulate for a meeting!

13. No I don’t think they should. Allowing them to buy a football club gives them respect in football fans eyes and they shouldn’t have that.

Review of Week

13 responses. A good result!

English Football 10 Saudi Arabia 3!

Sport should be above money and controversy but isn't because of ambition and greed. Saudi Arabia would gain kudos from buying a famous football club.

A number of people raised the selling of arms to Saudi Arabia as a factor.

Colin Bower
7 May 2020

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