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Debate 11C A website of curious names showed that in the past three years there have been 13 Attilas, 7 Stalins and 6 Casanovas in the UK.

What other names (max 3) should parents think about more carefully before naming their children?

Please let me have your answers by Friday following which I will add them to my website and circulate summaries of your feedback next Wednesday.

1. Dave!
Lovely names that can be shortened, e.g. Louisa to Lou and Margaret to Mags

Turns out that 2 of us worked for men named Gordon Bennett!

2. Maybe Putin or Trump.

3.Keep it simple, and choose simple English names such as Janet, John or Jack.

4. Parents should first think back to their school days and imagine how they would have liked to be called Victoria Plum for example

5. No thoughts on this one. Let people choose the names that they want to.

6-7. No comment

8. Up to parents but feel for the growing children.

9. Not certain about names, just not names that aren’t like objects or animals.

Review of Week

A number of people thought that it was up to parents what names they choose for their children (of course!)

Others thought parents should be careful to avoid hidden pitfalls and think of the child growing up.

I had an Aunt Ivy Bower, which was probably thought OK then.

Needless to say, there is a lot of guidance online.

Some people deliberately choose unusual names so that they (the parents) stand out.

Some of the more amusing names are when someone gets married and chooses to adopt the groom's surname.

Colin Bower
23 May 2020

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