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Debate 7C Should schools and universities be the first sector to exit the lockdown?

As with Debate 6, do reply to one or more of the questions by Friday.

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Please answer Yes, No or Undecided.

You don’t have to but if you want please submit one or two sentences to explain why you have voted the way you have.


Should schools and universities be the first sector to exit the lockdown?







1. No - Schools Yes - Universities. students who are young and healthy should be allowed back to university but children shouldn't return to school.

2. Yes - The virus doen't seem to affect young people as much and their education is important as they are the future.

3. Yes - too many children lack the resources to participate, are not encouraged by parents/careers, and will struggle further once back at school.

The disaffected become more disaffected, resulting in more problems in the future.

4. Undecided
- Said that young people are less susceptible to the virus but could carry/transmit
- Schools - Possible - as part of a more general exit but complicated issue with parents taking children to school etc.
- Universities – perhaps could wait and continue using internet
- General Exit – we need to get as many people back to work on a gradual basis
- e.g. to reduce the burden on the public purse
- exit needs to be well-planned and monitored to avoid a second surge and/or lockdown
- certain areas of the country could be tried first, i.e. not the large conurbations such as London and Birmingham
- exit bit early for us and at least we can see how other countries get on

5. This is a difficult one. Depends on teacher available.

Consideration would need to given to any child who is vulnerable or lives with someone who would be vulnerable to Coronavirus.

Universities are a bit different. They don’t really have that much term time left.

Lecturers should be more able to provide electronic lectures, support and marking.

Perhaps those completing end of course exams could still take them.

6. No - Schools and universities should not be first to exit the lockdown.

A relatively short break from education is not a major threat.

The ability of government to function properly, followed by the Economy, should take precedence over Schools and Universities.

Parliament needs to open, and stay open, ignoring holiday breaks until the coronavirus is sorted out.

Industries and businesses that require no contact with the general public, need to reboot the economy as soon as possible.

7. No - Schools - only really viable if children say over 8-9 can walk toi school by themselves to avoid parents congregating

Universities - No - for some universities, there is no point going back as the syllabus had been covered and exams have been cancelled, conducted online or postponed.

8. Schools & Nursereies - Yes - if children go back, parents can go back.

Universities - students are older and not going back is not so important

9. Schools & Universities - No - Everyone who works should go back

10.No. Teachers and their families are at risk, if schools and universities exit the lockdown first.

11. No - Small businesses should be allowed to open first with similar system as supermarkets

12. Yes to schools , no to the universities, as these are two different sectors....

Schools have their local catchment areas with children living at home, but universities draw their students from far and wide,

and in addition there is not much teaching time in the academic year...

Review of Week

12 Responses which is excellent

There were different views depending on whether people were talking about schools and/or universities.

However in both cases the majority did not think schools and universities should be in the first wave. A number of people thought we should concentrate on getting people back to work.

Terrible balancing act between the economy/employment and mitigating the spread of the disease/deaths.

Colin Bower
25 April 2020

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