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Debate 8B Should the British media report on Harry & Meghan while they are in the USA?

Please answer Yes, No or Undecided. You don’t have to but if you want please submit one or two sentences to explain why you have voted the way you have.

I list your replies on a no names basis in my website, so you can always look at what others are saying before you reply.


Not interested....................2


1. NO. The British media should not report on Harry and Meghan while they are in the USA, or anywhere else!

They have no interest in this country, other than the contribution from the taxpayer that continues to fund their security.

They have made their choice between the Royal duties Harry has been prepared for, all of his life, and a life of private wealth and celebrity status outside of the UK.

Our media should not waste time or money on individuals or news items that are no longer in the public interest.

2. Yes while we are directly/indirectly paying for their lavish lifestyle, they should be held to account.

Not really interested myself.

If they come to the UK for charitable purposes fair enough.

Should be enough info on their website and social media for their fans

Grates when they pontificate about the UK when they are living "The Life of Riley" thousands of miles away.

3-4 No - We both have no interest in Harry and Meghan.

5. Yes - We have a free press.

For a couple who say that don’t want publicity its amazing how much they court it.

Personally I’ve lost interest in them and think they have treated the royal family dreadfully.

That comment would be applied to any grown offspring of any family that acts as they have done.

6. Not bothered

7. No - the media should forget about them

8. No. They have moved to the USA and it is no longer necessary to hear about them as they have cut themselves off from this country.

9. No - None of us was a fly on the wall so we don't know for sure what triggered this decision.

They have resigned from the royal family, so not of public interest any longer and moved abroad to get on with their lives.

Regardless of whether their decision was right or wrong, the press should respect their decision and privacy and

not have their cake and eat it by slating and hounding them in order to sell papers.

Let's be charitable and demonstrate generosity by wishing them well and draw a line under this and move on.

10. No - they have distanced them self by putting an ocean and whole continent between them and the UK.

I cannot see why anything they do on the west coast of America can be of interest here.

11. Indifferent: They will continue to report whilst people continue to read.

Really doesn’t make any difference where they live. Celebrities are reported on all over the World.

I won’t be reading about them.

12. NO. They should be left alone completely, including in the UK, unless the press have something complimentary to report.

13. Yes - if anyone cares

He and Meghan have become an irrelevance.

Whilst UK taxpayers in any way contribute to their indulgent whims they are fair game.

Do they still owe £2.4 million to the exchequer?

14. The media is what it is and they will carry on reporting.

Would like to continue to have news of them but not gossip.

Review of Week

Received 14 responses which is really excellent though a number of the group are not really interested in the couple.

In general it was thought that the couple want publicity on their own terms, alienating many of us in the process.

Stories about them will continue of course but we don't have to read them or listen.

It is a shame for them, but they should not have rushed into self-exile and then complained afterwards, making them look ungrateful and pampered.

For one, I hope Harry is happy and/or will find happiness. But you wonder if he will become bored with the lifestyle.

Colin Bower
30 April 2020

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