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Debate 2 - Do we need an elite?

Many aspects of our lives are governed by an elite, e.g. the Aristocracy & other wealthy landowners, Eton etc & Oxbridge educated politicians and the Officer class in our armed services.
(I have not included the Royal Family!)

Do we need them?

Please let me know what you think.

Please start with an initial vote:
Yes or
No or
Undecided (Perhaps waiting to see what others have to say)

If you would like to give me a sentence or two (only) why you have voted that way, I will lift your views into the website as they come in.

Please join in the debate to make this work.

Debate 2: Do we need an elite?

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1. My answer is NO.

In a democratic, society we do not need aristocrats with unfair privileges, who are above the rules of that democracy, and are totally detached from the ‘real’ world.

Our armed services do not need officers from privileged backgrounds, but men and women who start from the bottom and rise through the ranks, because of their outstanding ability to motivate and lead. We have many such examples in our armed forces, who receive far more respect as a result.

2. As things stand, my answer has to be YES.

I would normally want to be governed by good people - able, successful and well-educated.

If possible, we need appropriate diversity to broaden representation and the breadth of skills, views and experience.

I accept that change is needed to achieve these goals, e.g. changing the extent & format of the House of Lords.

3. Yes - Numbers in the House of Lords should be drastically cut. We need a second chamber.

For new members going into the Lords,a similar number shoukd retire. The Lords should not just be used for out-voted members of the Commons being promoted to the Lords.

As to Eton etc people should always have the freedom to spend their money as they wish otherwise it is a Communist state.

4. No. I believe we need an elite but made up of the most able people not those who have had the most privileged background.

This is because we require people who can make the best decisions for all based on analysis of evidence.

5. I concur with 4. We don't need an elite who occupy that position by accident of birth but by ability.

Humankind does not progress together as a group. We depend on pioneers such as scientists who find medical cures, inventors who discover that benefits us all.

These people are the true elite.

6. I agree with 4.

Review of Week

Thank you for your feedback. The Noes have it!

We have had an interesting range of views. To an extent the word elite seems to be a dirty word.

The class system is still in operation with a privileged minority.

What we do appear to need is good leaders and others who set an example.

We need to encourage positivity, entrepreneurs and the advancement of science and the arts. Regretably rationing of spending restricts development.

Our education system needs to produce a broad cross-section of able people willing to go into all walks of life including industry.It is a shame yet understandable that people leaving education seek well-paid jobs not necessarily contributing to to the greater good.

Colin Bower
31 March 2020

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