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Debate 10E Should there be the following change to the voting system in the UK:
- voting to be compulsory?

Please answer Yes, No or Undecided and add a sentence or two (only please!) to explain why you have voted the way you have.

Please let me have your answers by Friday.

I put your responses in my website as soon as possible after they are received, so you can see what other people are saying.




1. Compulsory no as British politics is a democracy meaning freedom and choice, not authoritarianism.

2. Yes, the minimum requirement to vote, either in person, by post or by proxy should be to fill in the ballot paper.

This should be defined as either putting a cross to indicate their preferred candidate or spoiling the ballot paper by putting a diagonal line through the paper,
indicating their refusal to vote for any candidate.

3. No - Nice idea but cannot enforce it.

4. Not compulsory

5. Don’t believe in compulsory voting.

6. No...because of such a large mobile population it would be unworkable.

7.Yes. Although there would be spoiled papers, it might bring out some to vote who have not taken an interest before.

8. On the one hand yes because it is a hard won privilege denied to many elsewhere
but many choose not to due to lack of interest or being ill- informed.

Forcing them to vote could result in a spoiled ballot paper so compulsory voting unenforceable.

9. Yes - Voting should be compulsory.

There should be a section on Voting slip to register and say none of these or no vote.

Only way to get true representation and with no arguments about the results.

It may cut down on coercion.

10. Yes

11-12. Yes, In a true democracy everyone should vote, even if they spoil the paper.

13. YES - you can spoil your paper if you so wish.

Review of Week

Glad we had a vote on this one

Useful to have so many replies (13)

"No" just edged it

It would be good but a radical step which is unlikely to be enforced.

To me it is similar to the requirement to complete a Census return which not everyone will complete, which is sad.

Colin Bower
16 May 2020

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