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Debate 7B Should large infrastructure projects, however beneficial, go ahead in view of climate change?

As with Debate 6, do reply to one or more of the questions by Friday.

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For Debate 7B please answer Yes, No or Undecided.

You don’t have to but if you want please submit one or two sentences to explain why you have voted the way you have.


Should large infrastructure projects, however beneficial, go ahead in view of climate change?




1. No - Infrastructure projects shouldn't proceed

2. Yes. We need to energise the economy by getting people back to work.

Although I believe HS2 should be cancelled and the money spent on improving existing rail services

3.Yes, dependent on aims and outcomes

4. Yes – right now (facing recession, leaving EU) the economy and the workforce need jobs from government investment.

We have a long-term need to develop our rail network and increase capacity, which will get some cars off the road and perhaps create more jobs and opportunity in the North.

We already do our bit for climate change and more is planned, which is more than can be said for 2 of the big superpowers (China & USA) and many others

5. Depends - Shouldn’t be ruled out completely as important for the economy.

- However, any large scale infrastructure project should have impact on climate change as part of its planning.

- If negative consequence should not go ahead.

6. YES - Large infrastructure projects should proceed.

Our longer term need to tackle climate change is outweighed by our current, urgent need to restore the economy.

7. Yes - e.g. Heathrow expansion - we may as well have the air traffic otherwise another country would do it and the pollution would be just the same.

8-9. Yes - on balance we have to progress things.

Not heard anything about climate change except the improvement in air quality

10. No - HS2 and other fossil-fuel fuelled infrastructure are harmful to the environment and simply incompatible with reaching net zero UK carbon emissions by 2020.

11. Yes. infrastructure should go ahead.

12. Yes, with the caveat that it must produce a lower carbon emission than the system it is replacing, for instance cost per passenger mile.

Review of Week

12 responses which is really good.

A large number were in favour of large infrastructure projects continuing.

Inevitably, there will be climate change issues with the projects but hopefully they will bring benefits from short to medium-term employment and long-term economic benefits.

We certainly need them right now.

Colin Bower
25 April 2020

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