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Debate 6C Should the negotiations for Brexit be delayed until the coronavirus crisis has abated?

For those who have contributed to the Debates, there are 2 more 6b and 6c this week.

As before, please answer Yes, No or Undecided for each. Vote first if you like.

If possible, please submit one or two sentences to explain why you have voted the way you have.

You might want to have a look at what others have had to say first.

Please vote by Friday!


6C Should the negotiations for Brexit be delayed until the coronavirus crisis has abated?



Comments & Views

1. Undecided - In February Boris threatened to walk away from the Brexit talks in June if enough progress has not been made.

Since then the coronavirus pandemic must have had an impact on the talks.

We want a good deal and I am not sure if a good deal is possible in the time.

Having said that, momentum could be lost if the talks are delayed.

Probably best to continue and see what progress has been made by June. Fingers crossed!

2. No we shouldn't delay but press on.

3. YES. Negotiations for Brexit should be delayed, because of the unprecedented circumstances thrust upon us by the coronavirus, especially as both the UK and EU have casualties among their negotiators.

We should at least attempt to strike a deal, suitable to the UK, and request an extension to allow time to do that.

However, if there are any objections from EU ministers, we should cease negotiations and leave the EU at the end of this year without a deal.

The British public’s patience has run out.

4. Yes - Transition period should be extended to mollify economic consequences of coronavirus. The priority is to save lives. We don't have the capacity to negotiate new economic relationship with the current pressures.

If we leave at the end of the year with no deal which seems the likeliest outcome then trading on WTO terms will virtually kill our trade with the EU. In addition we have trading agreements with over 70 other countries courtesy of our membership of the EU. which we also forfeit.

It will take some time to renegotiate new agreements but in the meantime the country will suffer economically .

5. Yes - I believe that the Brexit negotiations should be delayed. All EU countries and us have to prioritise the current Covid 19 crisis.

In addition how do we hold global trade talks when we have no idea what the World will look like after this.

I don’t think most people will hold BJ to account if we don’t complete the trade talks in the time that he specified.

6. No - it's just a ruse to stop it.

They have had plenty of time. They know what they want and what they don't want.

They just need to get on with it.

7. No - It has taken so long to get this far, we must continue talks and complete withdrawal on time.

8. No. Negotiations for Brexit should not be delayed. It would cause more uncertainty.

9. No. I do not think this will be necessary, as I’m sure the relevant government departments and ministers have been in deep discussion with their counterparts in Europe, after all its in everybody’s interest to get this off the table as soon as possible.

Review of the Week

Had 10 responses which is excellent.

No surprise there was a split decision!

It was very easy to chair this discussion!

Brexit talks continue by video-conferencing and exchange of documents.

The plan is to have an agreement in place for our future relationship with the EU by the end of the year.

With the amount of effort going into combating the current coronavirus, we can only hope that there are enough civil servants and ministerial time to make the progress that Boris wants to see by June.

Colin Bower
18 April 2020

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