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Debate 8A At 89 is Billionaire Bernie Ecclestone (ex Formula 1 Chief) too old to be a Dad?

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As with Debate 7, do reply to one or more of the questions by Friday.

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1. Our opinion on whether Bernie Ecclestone is too old to be a Dad really depends on how we would describe the role of a Dad.

That role, as well as that of the mother, should be to provide emotional and financial support, as well as preparing the child for adult life and being a role model.

So, on that basis he is too old to be a Dad. He will be lucky if he lives to see the child become a teenager.

His son will be left with enormous wealth, but beyond his early childhood he will not have a ‘Dad’.

2. Not thought through if any thought went into it!

Could do with a talk on family planning

Mother/baby well not want for anything financially but coud suffer emotionally

Hope he lives long enough to enjoy the baby through those lovely early years

Mother could be left holding the baby!

3-4. Ecclestone is biologically and physically able to father a child. That is his choice.

No doubt the child will not suffer financially.

However the odds are that he will not live to see it grow up so he will miss out.

There are many children whose fathers are alive who are not around and part of their children's lives.

5. Obviously not!

Whether it’s fair to the child to have a baby at that age is doubtful.

He will never be what is the traditional Dad - playing football , games etc etc

but then lots of kids don’t have a known dad today anyway - unfortunately

6. If you want to do it, go ahead

7. Yes

8. No - My initial reaction was yes.

Then I thought about people losing their fathers at a young age and, with the money and support his widow will have, perhaps it doesn't matter

and Bernie Ecclestone may live for quite a few more years.

9. Although he has freedom of choice it is grossly irresponsible to exercise it, as children need both parents and he is possibly not going to be around for the birth, let alone to see his child grow up so feel sorry for the child being deprived of a dad.

In addition the child is going to have to live with the stigma that their father was 89 when they were born.

10. Yes - but selfish

11. No. I find Bernie so obnoxious that I don’t think he should be a Dad at any age! Seriously 89 is too old.

12. Yes - he is too old to be a Dad, and to nurture a son at that age. It is not helpful to have babies at that age.

13. He can afford it, if he can prove it then it’s up to him and his partner.

However I think it’s incredibly selfish - at his very advanced age

he will never be able to parent the growing child and

would seem to be indulging his enormous ego.

14. Yes. Too old.

Review of Week

14 responses which is remarkable and a record.

This was a question from the Daily Mail which included a Yes and No viewpoint, much like what we have come up with us between us.

Bernie has 3 daughters aged 65 (!), 35 and 31 all 4 are said to be happy about a baby boy expected in the Summer.

The general feeling was that 89 was too old and it could be hard on the mother and son, though not financially.

Colin Bower
30 April 2020

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