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Debate 10D Should there be the following change to the voting system in the UK:
- a new maximum voting age of 80?

Please answer Yes, No or Undecided and add a sentence or two (only please!) to explain why you have voted the way you have.

Please let me have your answers by Friday.

I put your responses in my website as soon as possible after they are received, so you can see what other people are saying.




1. Removing vote from 80+ is not required as it's not a choice we have to make.

2. No, over 80s have wisdom and life experience, have paid tax longer than anyone else and will do so until they die.

That gives them the right to vote until they die, and influence the choice of government for subsequent generations.

3. No - big gap between the views and ambitions of 18 year olds and those over 80
- lot of knowledge, experience and wisdom in those voters over 80.
- Try & take it away from them!

4. No change

5. Ages right for usual elections.

6. No....because what would be the purpose disenfranchising, purely on the basis of age and having no regard to the knowledge of wisdom of the years.

7. No. A large number of people over 80 are still astute and able to vote.

8. No.. but possibly at 85 as:

(1) some may suffer from dementia and their postal votes could be open to abuse by family members
(2) majority unlikely to see end of the 5 year term

9. Definitely should not be upper age. You need a balance of people. Older people more likely to vote.

Probably why some want youngsters to have the vote at 16 is that they are more likely to vote left.

Older people possibly more likely to vote right.

10. No

11-12. No, It would be discriminatory to cap the voting age at 80.

13. NO but 75, YES for referenda which are about any long term political changes.

That cohort will not live with the consequences so why should it influence it!

Review of Week

13 responses, that is so good.

We were against an upper age cap.

The thinking was that people older than 80 should not be voting on the future and children age 16 should, as it affects the latter more.

Could have been linked to reducing elderly Members of the Lords at the same time.

Would have been nice not to hear the views of the likes of Lord Heseltine, in his cardigan, again.

Colin Bower
16 May 2020

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